Reasons Why It Is Common To Get Rls In Pregnancy

During expectancy, it is normal for a woman to experience several symptoms that are common in all expectant women. These are the conditions which a number of women usually undergo at one stage or another therefore making it a common condition. One such condition is Rls whose initials refer to restless legs syndrome. Restless legs syndrome refers to a condition where the woman will have an uncontrollable or overwhelming urge to get rid of a burning or tingling sensation by moving the legs. This condition has been found to be common among a large variety of pregnant women which has led to the question of why Rls in pregnancy? In order to answer the question, you would have to look at the various reasons or situations that would lead to these conditions.

The symptoms of Rls usually present themselves when the pregnant woman is resting. Such a situation is more common when she is just about to sleep at which point the sensations start. Other common period during which she is bound to experience the symptoms is when she has been sitting still for a long period of time. Various situations would lead up to the woman getting the symptoms such as if she has been in a car ride for a long period of time or any other situation where she would have been sitting still. The symptoms are usually felt on the lower legs although it is also common to get them at the feet or in the hands too. Even with the fact that this condition is common in most women during their pregnancy, the only real answer as to why Rls in pregnancy has not be found since no known cause have been found out. However, Rls is a condition that also affects men and children and other women who are not pregnant. The condition tends to worsen in a pregnant woman who usually experiences the condition even when she is not pregnant.

This has led to the question of why a pregnant woman who has never experienced the symptoms of Rls before their pregnancy suddenly develops it during their pregnancy. Various reasons have been given which point to what would be the cause for the condition to come up later on. One of the reasons is that since the woman is pregnant, she might be experiencing a deficiency in iron or fol-ate which could lead to her experiencing the symptoms. Other reasons might include the hormonal changes that the woman experiences during pregnancy.