Reasons Of Negative Result In Pregnancy Test

There is no doubt that HPT (home pregnancy test) is the most adaptable way to confirm pregnancy. Most of the female like to use HPT because they found it easy to use as compare to blood test. Another reason of using HPT is that women dont like to go for blood test. But, there is a fact that HPT are not 100% accurate. So, there is a chance of false negative pregnancy but in very unusual cases. There are several reasons of false result. Mentioned below are some of the reasons that can result a false negative pregnancy.

The main reason of negative result in pregnancy test is invisibility of HCG hormone.The hCG hormonal exist in the urine. But, it cant be determined during the beginning of the maternity. This is the most common reason of false result. Another reason of false result is infected urine sample, it is said to be infected when gets blended with substance; like, detergent, lotions, etc. Home maternity assessments identify a maternity by the use of the Individual Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormonal – a glycoprotein hormonal that is created in a ladies pee, after pregnancy.

Due to this hormonal, the lady might feel sick. But, in this situation, the feeling of sickness is not related to early morning illness, nor has the abdomen ache related to maternity. A few maternity stays are very delicate, hence they figure out even very little hCG, leading to a incorrect result. Sometime, females analyze substitute liquids like blood vessels, mucus, serum, etc. These substitute liquids have different testosterone existing in them. So The use of incorrect liquids for the analyze will eventuate incorrect outcomes.

Wrong Timing: As described above, maternity is recognized by the use of the hCG hormonal. This hormonal exists in a very low level during the beginning of maternity. So, if you analyze in early pregnancy, the analyze may fall short to identify the hCG and give the incorrect outcome. The hCG hormonal can also sometimes be created by cells other than the placenta, and so a lady who is not expecting may get a good outcome. It’s recommended to hang on at least eight times before taking a maternity analyze. Test the first pee of the day, as this has hCG in focused volumes, or you can get a analyze done every two times. If you are expecting, the hCG stage will display a stable increase.

Water loss Line: Every maternity analyze has two collections with it. One range changes light red when it is revealed to any kind of wetness, while the other range will turn light red only when it is revealed to wetness containing hCG. When revealed to wetness the first range changes black light red, while the second range will be weak light red in shade. If along with of the second range is not as black as the first range, your analyze outcome is adverse. Most females befuddle this weak second range for a good outcome.