Why Is My Poop Green During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a lot of changes happen, some that are expected while others are completely surprising. In ordinary cases, your poop is normally light brown in appearance, based on what you consumed the previous day. But when the poop turns green, it becomes a serious concern. In this post, we will seek to answer the big question, “Why is my poop green during pregnancy?”

What is the Right Appearance of Healthy Pregnancy Poop?

During pregnancy, the appearance of your stool should not be much different from how it appeared before you fell pregnant. However, you might notice some slight changes because of the changing hormonal and dietary changes.

The typical appearance of your poop during pregnancy is light-yellow to brown. The color is caused by bile, a digestive juice released by bile. Bile is used to break down fats in your food and further reacts with bacteria and other enzymes in digestive tract to give the poop a yellow-brown color. Dark yellow to light brown pregnancy poop should also be considered okay.

To further establish if your poop is okay, it should be soft and not hurt when you are relieving yourself. Besides, it should stay intact once released in your toilet.

Is Green Poop During Pregnancy Normal?

An analysis of your stool during pregnancy reveals that it comprises of a dozen of things such as dead bacteria, proteins, cholesterol, fat, fiber, and intestinal mucus. During pregnancy, the high level of pregnancy hormones affects the content of the poop and changes its color. This means it is pretty normal to have green poop during pregnancy. But most women complain about it. Some even view it as an indicator of pregnancy because of hormonal changes.

One of the main explanations given for the stool being green is that the poop goes through the digestive tract fast, and the bile does not have ample time to break everything down. In the first trimester, high level of multivitamin/iron supplements can also cause the poop to appear green.

What are Other Causes of Green Poop during Pregnancy?

On top of hormonal changes, iron supplements and diet, you might be wondering if there are other possible causes of green poop during pregnancy. The answer is, “yes.” Here are some of them:

  • Celiac disease: This is an autoimmune condition where the ingestion of gluten in food such as rye and barley results in immunological reactions. The effect is inflammation of small intestine linings that reduces the absorption of different nutrients. It could also result in the poop appearing greenish.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome. This condition affects a human’s large intestines where the muscles force the food to pass via the intestines faster and irregularly. The impact is bloating, gas, and greening appearance of your poop.
  • Medication. Some medications, especially antibiotics, given during when you are pregnant can also result in green poop. This should not be a cause for worry because the color will change once you stop taking the medication.
  •  Coli.This is one of the common bacteria spread by taking contaminated water or food. For example, if you eat undercook infected meat, it can result in the spread of E. coli. One of the ultimate effects is the greenish appearance of your poop.

When Should You Call a Doctor?

As we have demonstrated, green color on your poop is normal. Therefore, there is no need to worry about it. But, you need to be on the lookout for additional warning symptoms. If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure to get checked by your doctor.

  • Blood in the green poop.
  • Excessive mucus in the stool.
  • Watery stool that lasts several days.
  • Poop that is accompanies by abdominal pains.
  • Rectal pain and loss of appetite.
  • Extensive constipation.

If you have been wondering about why your poop is green, now you know. It is okay unless it is accompanied by other dangerous symptoms. But remember, pregnancy is very complicated. Therefore, if you feel unsure about the green poop, even if everything looks normal, it is better to check with your doctor.