Why is the Placenta Low During Pregnancy?

Complications during pregnancy are too many until some have not been discovered by the medical people. When pregnant, you need to keep in touch with your doctor more than before. It is through the checkups that you go for that the doctor will realize any unusual symptoms in your body. You can choose to be going to the gynecologist and to the doctor. To be on the safe side, make sure that you tell the doctor every kind of symptoms that you have and any kind of pain that you experience. One of the complications in pregnancy is a low placenta. This is the question that is usually asked by women .why is the placenta low during pregnancy?

The low placenta can be as a result of drug intake. The drugs that are been talked of here are hard drugs like cocaine and bhang. Smoking cigarettes can also cause the placenta to be low. When you are pregnant, you need to avoid using these drugs as much as you can. This is because they have some chemicals which will affect the placenta and also your baby. The work of the placenta is to act as an intermediary between the mother and the child. The drugs when passing to the baby will affect the placenta.

If you are carrying more than one child in your womb, you will have a low placenta. The uterus is a very small body part but when a baby is growing in it, it stretches. When you are having more than one child in your womb, the pressure the children will be causing in the uterus will make the placenta to be low. It is also because there is more that one umbilical cord attached to the placenta. There is usually more work for the placenta to do.

Why is the placenta low during pregnancy? A low placenta in pregnancy is possible of you had any uterine surgery. The uterus is a very delicate body organ and it is handled with a lot of care. This is because there is one remedy for a spoilt uterus. If you have ever had uterine surgery, there is a likelihood for you to have placenta prevail because uterine muscles have become loose. The signs for a low placenta are bleeding in the birth canal and some little cramping. If you are pregnant and you get any form of bleeding, you need to see the doctor.