People Come and Go

People Come And Go Quotes

People change just like seasons. It might be saddening to you when people you always consider friends decide to move on leaving you. Sometimes, you may stop pretending and choose to show people your real self, and they choose to go, it can lower your esteem

One thing you need to understand is that very few people will stand you for better for worse. People come and go, and the truth will always be, only a few are true to you. Recognize those. This article highlights some inspiring quotes about “people come and go.” Read through to get motivated to soldier on.

40 quotes about people who come and go

  1. Remember, some friends come, and some go. The few that stay with you through storms are your best friends. Never let them go.
  1. Friends will always come and go. I do not have time to chase after people.
  1. You need to understand people come and go, with the few you have to keep them. The more you grow, the more you will require people you have grown with.
  1. People will come and go, but there will always be a reason.
  1. Friends come and go, so you cannot control who comes or leaves.
  1. Enemies accumulate, but friends come and go.
  1. Only the real friends glow like stars, but the others come and go.
  1. Banners hang forever, but friends come and go.
  1. Real friends leave footprints in your heart, but the rest walk in and out of your life.
  1. Life is all about; seeing who enough to stay and care, because people come and go.
  1. People come and go; they walk in and out of your life, just like characters in a book. The moment you close the covers, the characters have already told their story, and you pick up another book with new characters as well as adventures. Definitely, you will focus on the new aspects and completely forget about the past.
  1. With whatever your life is facing now, remember those are just rehearsals. Circumstances arise and fall. People come and go. You are being prepared for better to come. The process is stretch, reach, and grow to your goodness. Achievements without disappointment, adversity, pain, or confusion, you can forget to appreciate the success you’ve got.
  1. Pain comes and goes. People come and go — the same case as joy. But if your heart is sealed because you don’t want to suffer, they will fail to open to welcome joy when it comes.
  1. People will enter your life and leave, but you have to live with yourself. Make yourself peaceful, positive, and pleasant.
  1. Some friends will come to your life to teach you the art of letting go.
  1. All through your life, people will come and go. Some will make you smile; others will hurt you. But each one of them leaves something unique with us. The lessons they teach us, the new aspects they show us, make us better people to conquer the world.
  1. People come and go, but love will never fade away. Sometimes beautiful ache sometimes just beautiful, but love always win.
  1. Looking through your shoulders will not help, moving on will.
  1. It is embarrassing how people and go with just one album.
  2. In all your life, you are there to stay; people come and go. But you are the one to choose your happiness, love yourself, respect yourself, and promise yourself that you will never think of leaving yourself.
  1. People come and go; of course, nothing lasts forever. Some friends will bring differences to your life and dawn to you new opportunities. Other people will misadvise you, lead you to wrong paths, and influence you in making wrong decisions. Life can throw you curveballs, sometimes you will miss opportunities and others will catch. Sometimes bitterness and backstabbing will trouble you, but other people will be loyal and loving to you.
  1. Every person you meet has a purpose of being in your life; some will use you, some will test you, some will educate you, and others will bring all the best in your life.
  1. People will come and go, that is the reason we have memories and photographs.
  1. Letting people means realizing some people are, said to be part of our history but not part of our destiny.
  1. I am a plodder, I don’t give up, people come into my life and go, but I stay the course.
  1. The older you grow, the more you stay with ghosts.
  1. I would advise teens to be proud of themselves. Try not to change who you are for people. Focus on studies and your future. Friends and boys will come and go. Just focus on the future and you.
  1. I am always my friend, friends come and go, but I am always there for myself.
  1. People come and go, but two hundred dollars will remain to be two hundred dollars.
  1. Not every person you lose is a loss.
  1. Friends will come and go. When they leave to let them go because they have already made the impact they were meant to make in your life.
  1. People come and go, do not take it personal
  1. People come and go. But life matters to those who stay.
  1. Do not depend on people so much, because people come and go. It is just yourself alone, and that is enough.
  1. People think staying alone is lonely. But what actually what is loneliness, being surrounded by wrong people
  1. We all have three different types of friends: friends for a lifetime, friends for a reason, and friends for a season.
  1. Cities change, so do seasons. People come and go. It is soothing to know; the ones you love are ever in your heart, if you happen to be lucky, a plane ride away.
  1. There is a reason we met, either you are a lesson or a blessing.
  1. People will come and go, but the person in the mirror will always be there. Therefore be kind to yourself.
  1. You should ever think a great person because people come and go, it is natural for it to be that way.


Even when people leave, others will always come. Also, when they leave, the memories you made together bad or good will remain. And that’s the essential thing in life.