How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You

Do you often find yourself trying to impress others? Or being worried about others opinion about you? Are you aware of the signs that you worry too much about what others think? You may not be aware of it, but some of it comes naturally. It is part of the human condition to be concerned about others opinion and being self-aware.

The problem comes about when you make other people’s opinions dictate your success. And so, the trouble comes in. If you are regularly tailoring your life to impress or fit the expectations of others, then you are not living your life. Instead, you are just living some version of life that makes you think others will approve.

It is crucial, therefore, to remember that you are the only one who can determine your self-worth. And it is not necessary to worry about what others say or think about you. But if you are finding it hard to stop worrying, here are several ways to help you stop worrying about what others think about you.

Signs that you worry too much about what others think

Here are a few indicators showing that you are worrying too much.

  • Having the thoughts that people are angry with you when they are not.
  • Being afraid to say what you think or believe.
  • You involve yourself in activities that you do not like and regret later.
  • You start avoiding other people simply because you are scared that they do not really like you.
  • You find it hard to do something different, and also you may be nervous about doing so.
  • You cannot make your own decision because you do what others tell you to do.

What can you do to yourself to stop worrying?

  • Do not try to please everyone

Trying to please everyone is going to sabotage your happiness and success. Because it is impossible to satisfy everyone’s expectations about you. The truth of the matter is, not everybody will like you.

We have different personalities, background, and beliefs; hence, not everyone is going to click with you. The vital factor is to consider your scorecard and how you are going to measure up the person you want to become.

Moreover, spend your energy and time living your own life. Utilize your abilities and talents to make the people and the world around you better.

  • Accept that other people and societies have different opinions

You should know it is okay for people to have diverse opinions. Because that is what it is? And again, an idea is not a fact. Understand that you do not have to change yourself for people or someone to like you. It is not worth your time.

  • Stop deferring to everyone you meet

Stop asking for forgiveness for something you have not done. And stop allowing others to make decisions for you. Because when you do, you are discrediting and diminishing yourself. Learn to say no; otherwise, you are letting people make you do things you do not want to.

By frequently deferring to others, you are allowing everyone else, and even total strangers run your own life. Also, you should know that you will not reach your potential and achieve your dreams if you follow other people’s rules and ideas.

  • Recognize that most people are self-focused

Always, people are occupied with their stuff and rarely do they care about what is happening to others. Mostly they are worried about their happiness, insecurities, and inner self rather than thinking about others. Therefore, the moment a person gives an opinion about you, probably they have not thought so much about it and to them it is not a big deal

The moment you will be aware that persons are fixated on their insecurities and issues, it will be easy for you to stop worrying about what they think of you.

  • Listen to your inner voice

If someone has an opinion about you, it does not mean they are right. Take time, listen to your inner voice so that you can be guided on which direction to take.

Listening to your inner voice brings so much peace of mind. And that is so because worry is considered to be a counterproductive use of our energy and time and can cause anxiety. Besides, there is a time to listen to other people’s opinions, but there are other times we need to consider it as unnecessary noise.

  • Stop taking everything personally

If you ever want to stop worrying, then you should learn not to take other people’s opinions and actions personally. But if you belong to the highly sensitive group of persons, this might be hard for you.

It is important to note someone’s tone, facial expressions as well as reactions, but you should not overthink about it so much.

  • Have positive thoughts about yourself

When you do not feel great about yourself, it can be easy to worry about what others think of you. Hence, do not downplay your personality just because somebody remarked negatively about you. Always have positive thoughts about your actions and opinions.

  • Remember that their views don’t alter your life

Just because your friend or a stranger does not have the same idea as you, it does not mean your life will stop. Allow them to think the way they want because each person is entitled to their own opinion.

What effort can you make help you stop worrying?

  • Find your tribe

Conform from spending time with people who only want you to follow their direction. Make sure your friends are open-minded and non-judgmental. Your kind of friends are the ones who embody the characteristics and nature of traits you hold high in regard.

  • Write down your thoughts

If you are finding it hard to let go of your worries, list them down so that you can look or review them later. In case you do not have anyone to talk to about your fears, you can pin them down and seal in an envelope.

After a few days you can read them, you will find that they seem irrelevant. Well, if that does not help look for a professional or someone you trust to talk to them, and that will be a way to solve your worries.