Why Lose Hair After Pregnancy?

There are many things that start happening to a woman after she has given birth to a child. Post-pregnancy effects are pretty well-known and a doctor talks every pregnant woman through them. Post-pregnancy effects aren’t something that a woman cant live with and are pretty harmless. This means that all they can cause is a mere embarrassment, lack of confidence or depression, that too if the woman takes it too seriously. Bearing a child with your being for nine months isn’t so simple, and just when a woman thinks she has delivered the baby and everything is going to be just fine, she starts discovering the post-pregnancy effects. Most women freak out after they realize they are being subjected to post-pregnancy effects.

These post-pregnancy effects include unstable hormone levels (immediately after delivery), uneven fat, hair discoloration (only in some cases) and hair loss, which is the one women freak out the most upon its discovery. There is no such cure to post-pregnancy hair loss and it is completely harmless, provided that the woman doesn’t take it too seriously. Post-pregnancy hair loss is the most common effect on the body after pregnancy and it is certainly the one that doesn’t have any medical cure.

Do many women ask why to lose hair after pregnancy? Well, post-pregnancy hair loss is caused by hormone levels. When a woman is pregnant, the levels of hormones such as estrogen are greatly elevated and are unstable. This means that they are roaring through the skies and simply won’t settle down. High hormone levels are not only the reason for post-pregnancy hair loss but also the reason why women are cranky and sometimes rude during pregnancy. Post-pregnancy hair loss occurs after roughly eleven or twelve weeks of the delivery. When this period of time has passed, women start losing about 500 hairs a day, which were 100-150 hairs a day during their pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman’s hormone levels are greatly elevated and that causes a woman’s hair to go in the resting phase. However, when the baby is delivered, the woman’s hormone levels stabilize and her hair goes into the shedding phase which is the cause of the extreme hair loss.

When women realize they are shedding extreme amounts of hair, they ask for a cure. There is no such cure to post-pregnancy hair loss except patience. If the woman is patient, the time will pass and she will go back to shedding minimal amounts of hair per day.