living room design ideas

21 Budget Living Room Design Ideas

Using this living room design ideas can bring a significant change between feeling cramped or feeling cozy in your space.

Designing a living room is not an easy task. First, deciding the budget to go with, picking a theme color as well as finding furniture, can be a hustle.

What are the best budget living room design ideas?

This post will give you a few ideas on how you can design your room for less.

  • Color ideas

Consider painting or redoing your walls using an inspiring, new color to refresh your living room. It may feel like a huge commitment, but re-painting your walls is a budget-friendly and straightforward update. Thus, can change the feel and look of any room.

  • Dabble in a new trend

The velvet trend, for instance, is still going strong since 2018, when it was considered the “it” 2018 fabric. Velvet is a timeless material; it adds warmth as well as texture to any interior and blends with any style. Therefore, even if you are not a fan of trends, you have many reasons to include velvet in your living room.

  • Tuck in a play nook for the babies

Shape out a nice, playroom nook by leaving a sizeable space between your wall and sofa. This will give the kids a playground and makes it easier for the grown-ups to watch over.

  • Stay in the budget by refreshing your accents

As far as a budget-friendly and calm living space ideas are concerned, work to swap up the accent pieces in your space. Switch in some brand-new throw pillows, unfurl a fresh rug, or hang new art. Because these minute details bring out a big change to how your room feels and looks.

  • Expand your small space with flexible furnishings

Trying out flexible furnishings is a great option for small spaces. You can use a coffee table or a bookcase, for example, to divide your room. Stools or Ottomans also work as side tables. Poufs can also double as extra seating or footrests.

  • Mix vintage with modern

Infuse your living room with vintage pieces to give out the old-world charm as well as texture. With this, you’ll make your space feel unique and full of character. Use, for example, a vintage steamer trunk as your coffee table.

  • Look for the best TV stand

It is so obvious that you cannot enjoy a good TV program using a sub-par setup. Meaning, it is important to look for the right media stand for your TV. Also, the stand should be a little bit wider than the TV base, so that there is a breathing room on one of the sides.

  • Add some whimsy with an animal portrait

Looking forward to adding some humor to your house? Then a highland portrait of a cow might bring the magic. Between her slightly slanted head and her shaggy hair, you will fall in love with that bombshell blonde.

  • Turn an awkward nook into something useful

If you want to try something out of a minor nook, find to maximize the available space vertically. Compact furnishings not occupying a lot of floor space are essential; for example, a wall-mounted desk which can also be folded-out, with a chair, can turn your area into a practical workspace.

  • Find the perfect coffee table

Looking for a beautiful coffee table to blend with your sofa can be a challenging living space idea. Also, you have got shape, style, and size to consider. Instead of wondering what to do, why can’t you try several options before deciding.

  • Amp up your neutrals with pops of color

For a flexible color that will not be neutral, blue is the next best option. Try layering each of its shade in your neutral living space for a spectacular look.

  • Tuck a desk behind your sofa

If you do not have an empty room to make it your office, here is a perfect solution for you. Also, the desk behind your couch can still be used as homework stations for babies.

  • Restyle your storage

Whether you prefer it to a sideboard, credenza, or a buffet, these sealed off storage pieces are best for stashing litter and can make a high focal point. For a fantastic look, begin with matching lamps positioned on both ends and place a few accessories in between. Finally, center a beautiful artwork above to form a pyramidal feature that will draw eyes skyward.

  • Furniture arrangement

Furniture designed to serve several purposes in a limited space helps you use the available space very well. Also, sleeper sofas are better instead of a couch and a bed when you have a small room. Furniture raised on thin legs and also armless will make your space airy and open

  • Lighting ideas

Light your room creatively to make it feel more expensive. Hang colorful window sheers and curtains. By hanging your curtains higher, an illusion of extra openness will be created. You can also add stuff like mirrors, metals, or glass which reflect light to give an illusion of a spacious room.

  • Decorating

If you want, you can dress your chairs using decorative covers that match your decorative styles. Just because you have a small space does not dictate a limited style. Therefore, try designer techniques to decorate your furniture.

  • Fill the walls with floating shelves

An additional budgeting idea would be incorporating a few floating shelves. They are practical in displaying decorations and is great because they do not take much of your floor space.

  • Better organization

If you desire to have an updated look in your living room, remove the unnecessary items, and store them in another place. Also, you can stock the extra stuff inside stylish containers.

  • DIY lampshade

In case you have an idle fabric in your home, you can use it to add refreshing colors to your lampshade.

  • Decorate the fireplace mantle

Decorating a fireplace mantle in a living room adds a new magnificent look. But you can still enhance the look by adding some paint to it

  • Decorate with plants

You may have a feeling that your living space is lacking natural elements; the best idea is to decorate the area with plants to make it livelier.