The 7 Life Lessons That Taught Me To Be Happy With Myself

As far back as I am able to remember I always wanted to be happy and I guess I was not an exception in wanting that in my life. I was under the idea that material possessions and accomplishments would make me happy in life. However, after years of soul searching, I finally find out that happiness comes from within. As far as I am concerned being happy means knowing that everything you need in life is within you. Of course, it is not as if I turned a switch one day and found out about all this. It took me a fair bit of time in order to get some lessons from life that showed me how to be happy with myself.

Being truthful with yourself

This is the first thing that you need to do in life at all times if you wish to be happy and content in your skin, as they say. When I started the practice of meditation it was like all the thoughts that were going around in circles in my head had slowed down. It was like as if there was some house cleaning going on. It was at this point in time I took some time to do away with the self-defeating thoughts I have had about myself.

Living your life with meaning and purpose

When you do not have a direction in life it is pretty natural that you would end up getting lost. This is because without goals and the like you never know where you are headed in life. You should have a clear purpose in life – a destination if you will. This would provide meaning to your everyday life. For example, over the years of my life, I have discovered that my role in life is that of peacemaker. Whenever I am acting towards that goal I get great joy.

Being of service to others

As far as I am concerned there is perhaps no greater joy than being of service to other people. I first learned this when I became a parent for the first time. Even as my kid is growing I am coming up with new ways to share my resources and time. I have found a number of opportunities to support organizations and causes just because I wish to improve the lives of others around me. You can be sure that with a little bit of research you too would be able to do the same thing.

Exploring spirituality on your own

This is, in fact, one of the most important journeys you can take on a spiritual level. Only after I had explored it for many years that did I realize what spirituality stood for to me, what it meant if you will. As far as I am concerned spirituality means being connected to a higher power as well as me. This relationship with my own self really brings me a sense of peace that is really deep. This is like knowing everything is fine even when it does not seem like so.

Inspiring peace within myself and others

If I dwell on things that inspire negativity in me I would be nothing else but negative. If I shut myself up in a room and only thought about where I have failed in life and what I do not have the pain is never going to go away. Rather than that, I need to focus on things that are going right as well as use my inner peace. This is when you would see that things do have a way of making themselves right. Even if so does not happen I can always seek outside help in a calm manner.

Learning from great teachers

This is one of the greatest lessons that I have learned from life. When you read great works by masters, mystics, and saints from ages gone by you do learn a lot about life. The same also goes for the motivational writers from the modern era, the present day. They can be the greatest inspiration that you may have ever looked for especially when it came to leading a life that had meaning and purpose. These people have gems of wisdom to share with you and you can always carry them with you as reminders in your life.

Sharing what you have learned

Whenever I come across that provides me relief or makes me happy the first thing that I do is share with others. However, I also keep in mind that what I am sharing should be palatable to the ones I am sharing it with as well. Examples of such things would be inspiring quotes. You can post them on your social media profiles and you would be happy to know how positively you have influenced the lives of others. It would really make your day for sure.