leadership gap

The Leadership Gap That You and the World’s Most Prominent CEOs Have in Common

Generally, leadership has remained the pioneer of every society, organizations, businesses, religions, institutions as well as home. However, leadership is an individual who makes an inspiring idea of the prospect. He has the motivation, inspiring and helping people to connect with that idea.

On the other hand, a leadership gap has a limitation that an expert has which relates to the way they work at their working place and it usually holds them back from getting to their goal.

What’s Leadership Gap?

A leadership gap is a deficiency that a leader has which directly checkmates their progress at certain stages and poses an equal and opposite reaction to the full realization of their lifetime leadership goals.

Certainly, everyone has hit a rock at some point or the other in his or her life. It is not any different from leaders. Besides, leaders hit it more because the movement of the system, whatever its architecture, rests on them.

Furthermore, leaders from different stages and levels are always improving. This means that every leader who is prominent today was a learner at some point (and still is). The collection of experience makes one different from the other.

First and foremost, you need to understand and know yourself because understanding yourself is the foundation of inspiration you need to understand, know and to inspire others at any available time.

If you are the front-runner of your team, there is a need to understand and know them. You should be able to inspire them so that they can be able to identify their peculiar responsibilities, understand the society and world in general, and also to know and understand their sole aim of being important.

The Leadership Gap implies you to know what gets in between you and your success, it helps you discover your own leadership elegance and help you on how to influence your strengths and ending in achieving your goal or vision. Furthermore, it’s for a leader who has reached a point where he is confused about why is a success is delayed or not achieved as thought. Leadership Gap is for a leader who wants to take his career up to a higher place, and achieve his ultimate dreams.

A leader should always outstate his expectant which he desires to accomplish from others at a particular time.

Qualities of Outstanding Leadership

You cannot be an outstanding leader without possessing special qualities that make you stand out among others. These may include:

  1. The Explorer Leader

One of the Leadership Gap that you and the world’s most prominent CEOs have in common is discovering new things. The explorer is a leader who always desires to explore new thing, they do not believe in doing things in old ways. They adore steering ideas and creativity through any circumstances in order to discover a new thing that will make things change and better than how it was. An explore leader has the following attributes:

  • Determination and readiness.
  • Creativity and remain a focus.
  • Belief and curiosity.
  • Resilience and readiness to take any risk.
  • Aspiring to do more in their thinking with sensitivity.
  • Think deeply before concluding on an issue.
  • Always listen to his inner voice and use the inner knowledge to make the right decisions.


  1. The Truth Teller Leader

True teller leader is another Leadership Gap that needs to be addressed. This is a kind of leader that leads with truthfulness, sincerity, and openness. He never sees anything wrong, to be honest, and open to everyone around him. Even though, if people with him are not comfortable with circumstances or issues, yet he stands on the truth and remains to be honest. It is a leader that always creates a principle of honesty. Instead of blaming others for wrong things that happen, he prefers to seek immediate solutions and fashion out strategies to cure such mistakes or errors that had been made.

The truth-teller leader is a leader who tells the truth, believe in the truth, and stand on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Be honest is not from deceit but form sincerity to serve, help and impact positive change to the organization or any issues.

  1. The Hero Leader

The hero leader has a leadership gap of courage. The heroic leader is the one that has the determination to achieve the purpose and goal, regardless of the challenging obstacles.  This is a leader that is courageous and willing to take risk of everything they have like vision, skills or talent, resources, and time in order to achieve greatness. They don’t believe in fear and never see opposition as obstacles or hindrances to achieve their goals, rather, they make use of such to triumph and keep on their mission.

The following are qualities of what the heroic leaders have in common:

  • Courage and selflessness
  • Humility and patience
  • Passion and caring
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Confidence and self-assurance
  1. The Inventor Leader

This’s a kind of leader that has the leadership gap of the inventor. It is a leader that always works to improve the standard of an organization, expand the process of products, and enhance the skills and talents of others.

They are transformers that transform both valuable and invaluable things around them. Experimenter as this leader used to call; it is a leader who makes unimportant flutters and is eager to fail in pursuit of big wins.

The following are qualities of what the inventor leaders have in common:

  • Determine and always eek quality and excellence
  • Never satisfied with the status quo
  • Never compromise on what they desire to accomplish
  • Contribute and offer the best to make things happen
  • Always ground in integrity and pilot their affairs with sincerity
  • Always aspire to a higher standard of excellence


  1. The Navigator Leader

This is another unique leader that has a leadership gap in the navigator. This is a kind of leader that leads with the mind of trustworthiness. It is a leader that understands when, where and how to do about certain things and always inspires, gives trust and encourages others to follow him. He is a leader that leads with examples. This is a kind of leader that keeps things simple and easy for others to understand.

The navigator leader has these characteristics:

  • Exhibit love and enthusiasm
  • Balance realism and optimism
  • Trustworthiness and give the truth
  • Inspire others trust and follow them
  • Believe in simplicity and understanding


  1. The Knight Leader

This is a leader that has possessed the leadership gap of loyalty. Knight’s leader has charisma and addicted to loyalty with his senior, immediate or followers.  He never comprises or denies himself from being loyal in everything he does.

Knight is mostly allied with gallantry and safety; he always willing to go to battle to protect what they beliefs and are ardent to the ideal of service. The following are the virtues of a knight leader:

  • Courage and faith
  • Justice and mercy
  • Generosity and nobility
  • Hope and endurance


Leadership gaps enable leaders to identify their inefficiencies and deficiencies. Maneuvering around them is the major advantage set. Though prominent CEOs meet the same challenge as you and I, they seem to be better off at getting away. Flexibility and training are keys!