Is It Normal To Have Cramps During Pregnancy?

Cramping is one of the symptoms that a number of women experience when they are pregnant. During the first few weeks of pregnancy, the egg that has been fertilized is implanted into the blood rich uterine wall that is to become its home for the coming months. This causes some cramping which is normally accompanied by implantation spotting. These symptoms are however very similar to menstruation symptoms and therefore when some women find out that they are pregnant and yet they are still experiencing cramps, they tend to ask Is It Normal To Have Cramps During Pregnancy? The answer to this question is yes! Cramping during the first trimester of pregnancy is absolutely normal and now you know why.

Cramping may also occur in the later stages of pregnancy and this too is normal. Sometime from the 36th week of pregnancy all the way to week 40, many women will experience some kind of cramping as their bodies prepare for labor. Cramping at this stage is not similar to that during your periods. It involves contractions that are more intense and intensifies even more as labor draws nearer. These contractions are normally referred to as Braxton Hicks contractions and they are the warning signs that your baby is ready to grace the world with his presence. Also as the placenta detaches from the uterine wall, you may experience some kind of cramping. You should however work closely with your doctor to know if this is the real reason behind the contractions or if there could be some complications that you need to know about.

A number of complications during pregnancy are also evidenced by cramping and bleeding. Chemical pregnancy and miscarriage at any point in your pregnancy will cause you to bleed and to have some severe cramping. It is always advisable that you notify your doctor immediately you start experiencing these symptoms. Molar pregnancy is a rare case where an abnormal tissue grows in your uterus instead of a fetus. This may also be the cause of the cramping you are feeling. Almost every woman diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy experienced cramping and bleeding and this is probably what led their doctors to investigate more.

There are some women who actually experience some kind of cramping accompanied by spotting and bleeding through out the entire period of their pregnancy. Normally this causes some problems to the woman or the baby but in a few cases, such women may carry their babies and delivers them without any problems. All in all, if you are experiencing cramping that you doubt is normal, you should let your doctor examine you to find out the cause. The next time someone ask you ‘Is It Normal To Have Cramps During Pregnancy?’, you will doubtlessly have a good for her.