Is Clear Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Every woman has a discharge every now and then. You might hear some people discussing this question often; Is Clear Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy?. If you are one of those asking this question, rest assured that you have landed at the right place. This article will not only provide you with the answer, but it will also give you detailed information about this topic. It is obvious that the discharge suggests that you are possibly pregnant. However, in some women it is not always the case.

Some women confuse the discharge with the slippery mucus that indicates that one is fertile. It is normal to have the clear discharge. Nevertheless, when you are pregnant, the discharge continues for up to around 5 days. In order to differentiate the discharge, the discharge that suggests you are pregnant is known as leucorrhea. It is thin, odorless and milky in appearance. The other discharge has a certain scent and it is thicker than the clear discharge of pregnancy.

Leucorrhea results from increased production of hormone estrogen and blood flow to the birth canal. The discharge comprises of old cells from birth canal wall, cervix secretion and bacterial flora. This discharge is of great help because it prepares you for further symptoms of pregnancy. Over time, the discharge increases and therefore, it helps you to decide whether you can keep the pregnancy or not. If you are ready for the pregnancy then you can easily note you are pregnant without taking a test. In some cases, this discharge might come out with blood spot though not common.

However, if it comes with the blood spot, you need not worry because it clearly suggests that you are completely pregnant.
Because not every woman has the discharge, it does not mean you are not pregnant. It is normal not to have the discharge and it is always wise to carry out the test if you do not spot the discharge. For those who have it, they are lucky because it is very easy to predict they could be pregnant.

How clear should the discharge be?
The pregnancy discharge is always clear and clean. It also comes like every day and it means that you are leaking amniotic fluid. This discharge at times could be the normal, ovulation discharge or birth canal infection. Therefore, if you notice some green, brown or yellow discharge you should always consult the doctors. This means you are at a high risk of either infection or sexually transmitted disease. If the discharge causes itch, or burning in the birth canal, note that you could be suffering from an infection.

Non-pregnancy discharge
A clear discharge that is thick or watery does not indicate pregnancy. Instead, it indicates that you are ovulating and you are fertile at that moment. The white discharge that is not itching, clumping, or odor, it occurs at the beginning and at the end of the period. The brown, green and yellow discharge indicates an infection or sexually transmitted disease. With this information you can rest assured that you understand which clear discharge shows you are pregnant.