How to Give Your PC Registry A Proper Tune Up

The registry is one of the busiest parts of your PC. It continues to collect information every time you do stuff on your computer. It stores a huge chunk of various data ranging from a list of sites you have visited, the user names and passwords you have created, the programs you have installed, as well as other information regarding drivers and important programs. It functions as a large storage house for all sorts of information.

However, not all PCs are built equally; only units that run on a Windows OS are built with registries. If you are a Windows user, asking the question “how to clean my computer?” is definitely synonymous to asking how to clean your registry.

It is important to give your registry a regular clean up in order to keep your PC running smoothly. If you have been using the same PC for a long time, you might want to consider obtaining a registry cleaner to the task much easier for you. Use trial versions registry cleaner programs if you aren’t in favor of paying something before obtaining results. This way, you get to test out as much software as you would like and you can get to choose one that suits you best.

Before you decide to clean up your registry, it would be advisable for you to create a back up copy of the files that are important to you. Save it in an external hard drive or disk. Aside from that, you can also look for any free software online that offers a backup program. There are also registry-cleaning programs that offer to back up a copy of everything in your registry, just in case something malfunction and all your data gets deleted including the important ones. However, these programs can charge you a higher cost as compared to obtaining the basic types of registry cleaners or trying out the ones that are free.

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