How Many Weeks Pregnant Am I by Last Period

Are you asking yourself this question; how many weeks pregnant am I by my last period? If you are, it is important for you to accept the fact that you are either pregnant or not. After confirming the pregnancy, you want to know the due date and to follow your pregnancy growth. It is a fact that the number of weeks you are pregnant will depend on the last date of your period. Technically, ovulation will be near the second week of pregnancy. To put it right this is the method that the doctor calculates your pregnancy length. The due date is usually on the 40th week from your last period, this is for a normal pregnancy.

To calculate how many weeks pregnant you are from your last period it is advisable you use a calendar. Mark the last day, that you experienced your period. Count going forward for the last month period or backwards from the date you are expecting to deliver to determine how many weeks pregnant you are. When in a conversation, however, many people want to hear the result in terms of weeks and not months. Your doctor or midwife is the one who will want to keep track of the pregnancy therefore, he will need to know how many weeks pregnant you could be. To make this less confusing, you are supposed to count from your last period, technically, this is before you even conceived. Nevertheless, do not worry, as there are many ways to determine how many weeks pregnant you are by your last period.

The oldest method of knowing how many weeks one could be is the calendar method. To do this you calculate the first day of your last period, you add nine months and one week. It the last menstrual period was on February 2 you will add nine months and a week to get the due date as November. In March, you would say you are one month pregnant and so on. Using the method it will be easy to count how many weeks your pregnancy is.

The lunar weeks is the other possible way that can help you determine the age of your pregnancy. Most doctors and midwives use this method in order to measure the fetal development. The question, how does it work is very common among those who wish to use this method. One lunar month has a maximum of four weeks on which each week is of seven days. A mature pregnancy will last for 2880 days calculating from your lat period. Measuring in terms of lunar, you get that pregnancy is ten months or 40 weeks to be precise. This becomes so confusing.

It is important you note that both of the methods above assume your cycle is a 28-day cycle. If you have longer or shorter periods, you will have to adjust your calculations accordingly. Most of the calculators for pregnancy offer room for the adjustment. Again, if you are uncertain about your last period you will be required to make the adjustments, this usually occurs in those people who have irregular menstrual cycles. Knowing how many weeks from your last period is important for your pregnancy healthcare provider.