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Going 5 Days Without Showering and not Being Smelly by using Bacteria (AO Mother of Dirt spray product review)

Going 5 Days Without Showering and not Being Smelly by using Bacteria (AO Mother of Dirt spray product review)


Ok I should clarify it was 5 days and 4 nights. I rinsed off in the shower, but didn’t use any soap or deodorant.

Instead of using any of these soap products I used AO bacteria Mother of Dirt spray. This is a misting spray made of Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria. It is bacteria for your skin, but not the bad kind that we normally think of.

What Exactly Does AO Bacteria spray Do?

On their site it says the following:

    AOB convert irritating components of our sweat (ammonia & urea) and turn them into byproducts that bring benefits to the skin (Nitrite and Nitric Oxide).

Nitrite helps keep bad bacteria in check and Nitric Oxide is an antioxidant that helps calm and soothe the skin. This action can help restore balance to the skin's ecosystem and in turn reduce dependence on conventional products like soaps, moisturizers, and deodorants.


The main idea I take from their site is that traditional soaps and deodorants kill natural forming bacteria that your skin biome needs. Using their spray will help to restore the good bacteria.

What is Skin Biome?

Our skin has millions of bacteria on it. The bacteria keeps our skin healthy. In turn we give the bacteria the energy and environment to survive. This ecosystem is called the skin biome.


My Experience Going 5 Days Without Using Soap and Deodorant

The first couple of days were not noticable. I felt like I had that natural smell. As in I didn’t smell like I sprayed anything on myself, but I didn’t smell bad.

My daily shower rise off and using the AO spray helped prevent any noticable smells from what I could tell. My fiance and roommates didn’t report any bad odors coming from me. It seemed like I wasn’t smelling bad.

After a couple of days I was paranoid that I smelled bad. There wasn’t any bad smells I noticed. However, I was concerned I smelled but didn't notice.

It’s hard to know for sure though. Maybe I was being paranoid. Product advertisers have put the idea in our heads that we need soap and deodorant or we will smell bad. In my research I found this article it is an interesting read on deodorants history.(

My skin felt naturally oilier and not as dry. It felt healthier. But I missed that super clean after shower feeling.

After 5 days and one 2 hour basketball session. I decided It was time to use soap.

I never felt cleaner in my life.

4 Weeks Later

The Mother Dirt company says that you will see noticable changes in your skin after four weeks of using their product.

Although I only did 5 days of no soap/ deodorant I continued to use the spray twice a day. In the morning and in the evening. I reduced the amount of soap and deodorant I used as well. My goal was to see what effect it had on my skin.

I didn’t notice any drastic changes with my skin. My skin seemed less dry, but that was the only minor change I saw.

The AO spray is worth giving a try if you suffer from any skin problems. It is a new take on a common problem with folks.

If you suffer from dry skin, acne, or any other skin problem and other products haven’t worked. Try AO Bacterial spray. I would be interested to hear if this product worked for you leave a comment let me know your experience.

From other reviews I have read many people swear by this product. For me I didn’t see any major changes to justify continual purchase of this product.





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