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Get Rich Saving 10%

Get Rich Saving 10%

 Saving starts out small but ends up adding up over the long run.

Saving starts out small but ends up adding up over the long run.


Saving is hard. Everyone has bills to pay. The needs and wants that we have continue to grow. After we get our paychecks that money seems to disappear.

I recently read “The Richest Man in Babylon”. It is a book that uses a collection of parables from people in Babylon an ancient city to give personal finance advice. The book reads similar to the Bible but for financial advice.

My takeaway from reading the book was to invest in yourself. You do this before you start taking care of your other expenses. The reason being is that after you pay all your bills and buy everything else you need no money is left for you. This cycle continues and you never end up saving anything.

The book recommends saving 10% for yourself as a baseline.

How to Go from Saving 0% to 10% and Beyond

10% can be a large portion of income to adjust to right away. One way to do it is to start small. If you can go from 0% to 1% you will start seeing that investment pay off and you will want to contribute more.

When I first came out of college and got my first job. My budget was breaking dead even. My income wasn’t great and my expenses were higher than what I had planned on. Over the next year I made the commitment to cut down on my expenses and increase my income. After my lease was up due to a flood that made my apartment building unlivable. I found roommates on craigslist to move in with. At the same time I sold my car and used public transportation to get around. These two cuts to my expenses freed up money for me to save.

The next month I saved 3%. After a few months I realized the jump to 6% would be manageable. A year later I moved up positions at my job(I took two classes to give me additional skills) and saving 10% wouldn’t be a problem. This cycle continued that way for a few years and today I am close to 23%.

What do you do with that 10% you Saved?

An important part of saving is what you do with that savings. My savings are used for investing in my future.

Investing in my future means that I put it in responsible investments. For me this is my work 401k and a Roth IRA. Other people this may be real estate or in costs for creating their own business. There is risk when investing in anything. I make sure I take the time to do my research and I try to make the best decision possible investment choices. The key with investing is to make sure that you are putting the money into an appreciating asset, something that will gain value over time.

Invest in yourself

Another thing I invest in is myself. I try to add to my knowledge, skills, and abilities whenever I can. Occasionally I may need to purchase a class or a tool to help me. I will gladly spend the money for these self-improvements.

The important thing to remember is to make sure to save something for yourself. Whether it be 1% or any amount make sure that you are investing in your future.


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