Grand Canyon Travel Tips

There is only one word to describe Grand Canyon; GRAND: Its thrill meanders 277 miles in the scenic gorge that started forming about six million miles. But it is the scenic rocky outcrops and thoughts of how River Colorado did the “accurate cutting” that makes this mystery irresistible.

With life-changing marvels that await you at Grand Canyon, it is important to prepare appropriately and get the best out of this excursion. Here are some unique tips to help you get the best from the tour.

How to get to the Grand Canyon

When people plan to visit the Grand Canyon, the common route is the Highway 180 North that runs into the Grand Canyon National Park. However, a better route would be taking Highway 89 all the way to Cameron before entering the National Park via the East Entrance (Desert View).

If you plan to visit Grand Canyon from the Southern Rim, there are two ways. One, you can opt to drive from Phoenix. This is a 3½ hours drive from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon Village. Two, you could also use the daily flight to Flagstaff which takes just half an hour to Grand Canyon Village.

Note that from the Grand Canyon Village, you can use a rented car or simply book the Arizona Shuttle that operates from Flagstaff three times daily.

Things to do at Grand Canyon

Many visitors coming to Grand Canyon prefer to concentrate on the developed enclave on the southern part. This involves rolling the rental cars and strolling on the guardrail rims as well as the gift shops. But there is more to do at the park.

  • You can go biking using a rented bike from Bright Angel Bicycles. Consider exploring most of the Southern Rim sections using biking trails or car-free sections such as Yaki Point Road.
  • If you plan to have an entire day outing, consider great hiking points such as Widforss Point, Deer Creek Falls, and Ooh Point.
  • Go boating in River Colorado. You can opt to use a motorized raft or paddled rafts to explore River Colorado as you experience the picturesque gorge.

Special tips to make your travel to Grand Canyon Unforgettable

While traveling to Grand Canyon is pretty like other destinations, it is advisable to prepare well for an extra thrill. Here are some useful tips to make your traveling unforgettable.

  • Attitude related problems are common. Most of the locations on Grand Canyon are approximately 7000 above sea level. Therefore, you should endeavor to maintain a slow speed and take a lot of fluids.
  • There is a lot to see on your trip. The entire excursion into Grand Canyon will involve a lot of experiences. Therefore, plan to get the most out of the trip. For example, you can combine the visit to the canyon with a check into Zion National Park and sample local delicacies at Flagstaff.
  • Consider combining Grand Canyon entry fee with charges for other attractions. The admission of a car into Grand Canyon is $30. However, you can cut this fee by a huge margin if you buy an annual pass that goes for $80. This is especially helpful for those who plan to visit other national parks in the U.S.
  • Make sure to pack ample gasoline. If you plan to refill in Grand Canyon gas stations, the price will be very high. However, even the gas stations are very few and running out of gas could become more expensive.
  • If planning to visit in summer, consider exploring the Northern Rim. Though the section is considered less scenic, the traffic on the southern part makes people look for alternatives. Besides, the Northern Rim is only a short drive from Las Vegas.
  • Consider visiting Grand Canyon in a team. While you can indeed enjoy a lot alone when traveling to Grand Canyon, it will be more enthralling with a spouse, a friend, or workmates.
  • Have a good camera to capture the thrill of the Grand Canyon. Every vantage point at Grand Canyon offers a spectacular view into this marvel. If you do not plan to travel back soon, pause for a moment and take a great photo of the canyon that will remind you of its greatness.

However you look at the Grand Canyon, it will always be a thriller. These tips for traveling to the canyon will help you enjoy every moment and immortalize it with top-notch images.