Foods To Avoid While Pregnant And Why

Eating well while pregnant is very necessary for proper development of your growing baby. It is from the food that you eat that your baby obtains the necessary nutrients for proper growth. Yours should therefore not be just eating; the foods contained in your diet should be well balanced. This simply means that the foods that you eat should contain varied vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. This calls for the need to carefully choose the foods that form your regular diet. This makes it necessary to know the foods to avoid while pregnant and why.

Contaminated seafood Although seafood is very rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids that are very necessary for proper development of your unborn baby’s brain, eating seafood containing high levels of mercury inhibits development of your unborn baby’s nervous system. In particular, eating big seafood is very dangerous because the bigger the food the larger the amount of mercury. It is therefore very important that you avoid eating such seafood as Tilefish, Shark, King mackerel and Swordfish. Because you are not in a position to tell what amount of mercury a seafood contains, you need to avoid all seafood altogether. Should it be very necessary, you may consider eating such seafood as crab, salmon, Cod, Tilapia and Shrimp.

Undercooked meats You need to avoid all forms of undercooked meat when pregnant. Whether it is beef or poultry ensure that it is properly cooked at the right temperature. This is because undercooked meat can easily cause food poisoning that although does not affect your unborn baby directly can seriously affect you with your unborn baby being affected. The same goes for eggs.

Unpasteurized foods Like with undercooked meats, eating unpasteurized foods puts you at risk of food poisoning, which eventually affects your unborn baby. Should you develop a craving for eggs, do ensure that you select pasteurized varieties.

Apart from hard-stuff foods, you seriously need to consider the kind of drinks that you consume when pregnant. In this regard, you need to avoid all caffeinated drinks. This is because ingesting caffeine puts your unborn baby’s heart rate risk. Caffeine can easily cross through the placenta to reach the baby. Furthermore, drinking caffeinated drinks during the first trimester increases the risk of miscarriage. You therefore need to completely avoid caffeinated tea, coffee and other drinks for the benefit of your baby. In addition to caffeinated drinks, you seriously need to avoid alcohol at all costs.

These are just some of the foods to avoid while pregnant and why. Note that your inborn baby’s survival depends on anything that you eat or drink and failure to take precautions can simply mean losing your baby, having complicated pregnancy or giving birth to a deformed or sick ling baby.