Electric Car Business – How to Start and the Opportunities

The first way in which you can start an electric car business is by making a three-wheeler vehicle. Normally in countries such as the USA (United States of America) for a vehicle to be legally considered a car it would have to have four wheels. A three-wheeler would be considered a bike even if it looks like a car in reality. The good thing with bikes in countries such as these is that they do not have to be crash-tested. As far as a car is concerned this is a major cost of introducing a car to the market. You can always try and make your own electric car and perform crash tests on your own. A good example of such a vehicle would be Aptera.

Going to China

China is one market where there is plenty of growth for cars. You would hear from everyone that in the days to come China is going to be a very important name in the context of the production of cars. In the past, there have been some safety issues with Chinese cars but you can always fix that by being the first electric car that happens to be crash-tested.

Going to India

Much like China, the market for cars is developing well in India as well. Tata Motors is one organization that is worth being named in this regard considering how it has built the Nano car in less than a few thousand dollars. It is also making efforts to reach out to green companies and who knows you could be benefited by the same as well.

Going to Thailand

Thailand is also a good place from where you can start your electric car business and this is because it offers tax benefits. If you can make a plant for your electric car in that country you could be privy to these benefits.

The USA is also another country that offers tax credits for hybrid vehicles as well as ones that use plug-ins.

Look out for legal hassles regarding speed

If you are looking to get your electric cars on the road you need to look for ways in which you can avoid legal issues. The best way you can do so is by making a low-speed vehicle. Canada is the only country where having a low speed vehicle is not really allowed. Over there these city cars and NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) are not allowed on the highways as they usually have the highest speeds of 40 MPH (Miles Per Hour).

Collaborate with the top car makers

If you wish to get started with your electric car business you can also partner with the leading automakers in your vicinity and get them to make these cars for you. It would also be better if you could build the proper infrastructure in this case like battery replacement stations. Cities such as Paris are also expected to be great markets in this regard because experts feel that soon enough the city would see plenty of rentals for such cars.

The business opportunities that you have in this regard

There are plenty of business opportunities in this regard nowadays as well. The first such business opportunity you have in this regard is to start an electric car servicing garage. You need to understand however in this context repairing an electric car is absolutely different from repairing a normal car that comes with an internal combustion engine. Apart from repairing the cars you can also have provisions for repairing inverters as well.

Starting a charging station

This is also a major business opportunity in this particular regard.

You can always start this particular part of the electric car business by developing and installing charging stations as per the standards set in this regard by the country where you are doing the business in the first place. You can start a home-based charging station or a private charging station – these are also great opportunities in this particular regard.

Electric car spraying workshop

You can also start the business of electric car bodywork as well as a painting workshop. You can focus primarily on electric vehicles in this regard but at the same time, nothing is stopping you from extending this service to other vehicles as well.

EV charging station management

You can be sure that the business of managing and repairing EVs (Electric Vehicles) would be one business that would help you earn good profits as well. The number of such charging stations could increase in the days to go ahead and this could mean there is a good chance that your services in this regard would be highly sought after as well. You can help install a number of such charging stations in a particular area and perform maintenance and repair work in that area. It would be surely the best solution for all concerned in this regard.

Electrical workshop for EVs

This is also a commendable opportunity in the context of the electric car business. You can set up a workshop where you repair these vehicles and do various other maintenance related work on them. For example, you could look at the electrical motors and circuits that are so important to the proper functioning of these cars.

Home charging station setup service

Normally, when you buy an electric vehicle you get to level 1 charger. However, the same cannot be said of level 2 chargers. These are however needed in order to charge these cars within a short span of time. This is where you can set up a home-based charging station that is equipped with such chargers.


Apart from these, there are several other businesses that you could start in this particular regard. For example, you could start an electric car rental service or you can also start a business where you manufacture and sell spare parts of these cars. You can avoid making them and instead buy them from companies that do make them and sell them on your own.