Effects of Depression During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time where a woman feels lots of changes in her body and mind. You may think that pregnancy can’t effect on mental health but this is a wrong assumption. It has been considered that during pregnancy women becomes irritating and annoying. Well, at this time there body takes so many hormonal changes which start reflecting to their body and mind like weight gain. According to researches 10 to 20% of women are found in depression. The depression during pregnancy can affect the health of baby and mother. Besides this, it can affect couples relationship. As I told you above that a woman becomes annoying during this period and she starts blaming her husband for the pain.

There are several reasons for it. Mentioned below are few of the reasons.

Financial issues: Often overlooked but economical problems are the core reason of depression during pregnancy. from the strting you need to fulfill the requirments of money such as the price of regular medical examinations, drugs and healthy foods for the expecting mother. There is nodoubt that a you may feel the fear of how to cure the child. you need money for the aditional cost that will occure for price of baby diapers, child outfits, post-natal care, child food, etc. Mom’s attention is targeted on the maternity that, it results in the dad to fear about financial situation.

financial situations are a combined liability, afcorse, it is the dad who is responsible to make challenging choices about economical main concerns. it may lead to stress, disputes, making the expecting dads frustrated and removed. Talk about your economical issues and plan out your parental care price before planning a child.

Loneliness of the dad : new coming baby draws all the attension of mom and both get busy with each other. during this time the dad tends to experience separated and remaining out. These emotions of loniness can cause a lot of pressure and problems in the relation. To take care of this problem, so best is to consist of the dad in all the emotions like factors associated with the child like the child bathrooms, the ultrasound examination and healthcare examinations. it can help you and your husband to welcome a new child. a probability to discuss your world’s best minutes to help him and to get over the depressive disorders that arises from the anxiety and pressure of becoming a dad

Consequentially, I can say that pregnancy is stage where a couple has to support each other to welcome a new family member together. Sharing is the best solution in this case, it reduces communication gap between the partners and helps them to adapt the changes. I hope this article will help you to have happy parenting. A father must remember that during this time he must spend more time with her partner because she needs someone to share her feelings. If you are not able to give her time due to work then at least don’t forget her appointment with doctor.