Why Is It Bad To Dye Hair When Pregnant?

A pregnant woman will always be prohibited from certain things in life. The prohibition does not mean to deprive her of personal rights but to protect her. For instance, they are prohibited from consuming certain foods that are deemed unsafe for the unborn baby. Pregnant women are quite delicate giving the fact that they carry another life in them. For this reason, doctors and medical stakeholders have developed certain measures to protect pregnant women.

Why is it bad to dye the hair when pregnant? Medics have expressed fears on certain commercial hair dyes used by pregnant women. Normally, most of these dyes are manufactured by concentrated toxic substances that can pose serious health risk to the unborn child. The dyes contain chemicals that force themselves through the skin to the body system. When the harmful chemical has infiltrated to the body of the mother, the child is highly exposed to it. In the event when the child has direct contact with the chemical, it would not only affect the baby but the mother may also feel the effect as well. The chemical may either affect the child partially or even kill it in some circumstances.

Hair dyes can also be hazardous to the mother. Some chemicals have been tested to have the ability and capacity to cause a miscarriage during pregnancy. Doctors have linked some miscarriage with certain chemicals that the victim might have been exposed to. Doctors, therefore, advise pregnant mothers to shun any chemical that can be a threat to them including certain hair dyes.

Why is it bad to dye the hair when pregnant? Most hair dyes contain ammonium compounds. When inhaled by a pregnant mother, ammonium can be poisonous to the unborn baby. It can either cause that child to be born with certain defects or kill him/her while in the uterus.

In a situation where a pregnant mother cannot do without a hair dye, there are certain safe remedies that she can employ. According to doctors, natural dyes can work better with them. Therefore, they are advised to use dyes made of natural ingredients as they contain no harmful substances in them. Concentrated coffee and black tea is just an example of home ingredients that can be used to keep the hair bright. There are more of these but one should not attempt them without the proper information. What is more important is to visit your doctor frequently and get more advice on the matter.