What Makes Customer Reviews An Important Marketing Strategy?

Customer reviews are basically information offered by the clients about their experiences of any company, service or product. And it also depicts whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with their experiences. Opinions of the customers are important as the companies follow the customer review strategy to adjust their actions to the needs of the clients and to improve the experiences of the customers. Different types of surveys are there that can be used to collect this data. Besides, it is also possible to find reviews and opinions of the customers on different review sites and can collect those with the help of different internet monitoring tools. This can help you to have a clear picture of how people perceive your company.

Often business owners ask why it is necessary to care about customer reviews. The answers to this question are almost endless, but for the starter business owners, customer reviews help to increase rankings and conversions while helping the customers through sales funnel. Although this seems tough for the businesses, especially those start from scratch, the long term gains of getting reviews in place are great.

Here comes an outline of the main reasons what makes customer reviews a vital marketing strategy:

  • Customer reviews can convert the customers:

A number of studies have proved that the majority of the customers consult reviews before making any purchase. Besides, around 65% of the customers only purchase from the sites, which have high customer reviews. Apart from that, there are visitors, who interact both with customer questions and answers and reviews.

  • Customer reviews play an important role in SEO:

Content is still the king. So, including user-generated contents on your website works as a great method to get unique, fresh and new contents. And this effort can be rewarded by Google with increased rankings for the content. Besides, customers can also research the businesses by searching “product name+ review”. Besides, having reviews on the site can increase the scopes of getting ranked for those search terms.

  • Some bad customer reviews can be good sometimes:

A number of small to medium business owners often fear bad comments, posts, and reviews. But there is nothing to fear. Statistics have proved that bad reviews play an important role in customer review strategy. And these also help to increase conversion around 70%. Replying to the bad reviews actively and looking to resolve situations illustrate to the potential customers that you care for them. Moreover, doing these things offline can also mitigate forming longer threads. And most importantly, negative reviews on your products or services offer you the scope for improvement to meet the expectations of your customers.

  • Customer review contents can increase the click-through rate:

An old release of Google offers review ad extension for PPC ads. It means that business owners can also add review data in their ad copies. Using this seller rating data or reviews can help the customers of a company to know what is going on in the company. Besides, it also helps people to learn the company they are searching for is reputable or not.

  • Positive reviews develop immense credibility and trust:

For businesses, positive reviews work as the badges of quality and trust in the customer’s eyes. It is not possible to undermine the necessity of product reviews in the field of online shopping. And once the trust is lost, it is just impossible to garner it back. The majority of the businesses run on the basis of trust. And most of the people decide whether to trust in a business or not on the basis of the reviews that they go through. But these positive changes never occur overnight, it is important to shell out strategies to get more and more organic reviews.

  • You will be reviewed anyhow:

Whether you like it or not, your customers will review the services or products. Even in case, the reviews are not posted directly to your website, there are numerous platforms where it is possible to post the reviews. So, you have two options here. First, you should have an active customer review strategy to encourage all the positive reviews and second, you should manage the negative reviews effectively.

  • Reviews are responsible for breeding more reviews:

When a product, business or service starts getting reviews online, this encourages other people to leave their own feedback and add their views on that specific service, product or company. This is an important part of online “crowd behavior”.


So, it has been proved that online reviews have great importance. These are not only important for online shoppers, but these also help to secure the online visibility of businesses in organic search rankings. As more and more businesses are doing every possible thing to encourage client reviews, therefore active involvement of the business owners is necessary to make things work.

But no special training is required to encourage constructive reviews online. Rather, getting things started is quite simple. All you need include a claimed presence on different online local review sites and a review function on your website.