How To Get The Best Couple Pose For Their Wedding Photography?

There are a few couple poses that you can always try as a wedding photographer. The first such shot is the royal shot. There is nothing to deny the fact that a classic would always remain so. You must have seen those formal wedding photos of your parents or grandparents that look like paintings. This is where they are in all their wedding finery and look as regal as they come. In these classic portrait-like photos you normally have the groom standing behind the bride. This is, in fact, a must have in these cases. Here you also need to make sure that the expressions are right.

The funny and melodramatic poses

A wedding album is never complete without some melodramatic and funny moments in it. It helps that there are various ways in which you can do this as well. For example, if you have the best buddy of either the bride or groom you can make the respective friend land a peck on her or his cheek. In this case, the other person can feign shock and astonishment. You can be sure that if you frame these moments they would provide a source of lots of laughter even years after the big day.

The black and white photo

You do not always need colors in order to get out the raw emotions behind two people willing to get hitched and call each other their own for the rest of their foreseeable lives. In fact, a black and white photo – or a couple of them – could be just what the doctor ordered in this case. In fact, the reason why so many people love these black and white photos is that they exude an appeal that is timeless. You can be sure you would surely love such a photo in your collection.

The walking photo

The wedding always belongs to the couple at the center of it all. When they walk away hand in hand after the ceremonies and rituals are over and done with they do so with a great degree of style and panache. Everyone else, in this case, watches them in awe and either wishes that moment to be recreated in their lives. The older people reminisce those days when they were in the same position as well. As a photographer, you should definitely capture this moment, the time when they together embark on a brighter future. In fact, these photos are easier to click on a destination wedding.

The cannot wait to be with you shot

The time before marriage is one of great anticipation when you are waiting to be united in holy matrimony to your soul mate. This is the time when love is in the air. Everyone else is running around like crazy in order to get ready for the wedding. This is the time when you can take the couple out for a bit of time and ask them to pose in such a way that betrays their true emotions for each other. If you want some spice you can also get them really up close and personal.

The romancing in the rains shot

This is a couple pose shot that must be taken if the wedding is happening during the monsoon season. You should get the couple under an umbrella and just click away. In fact, you can also recreate the classic old films of the Black and White era with a black and white photo of the couple looking in each others’ eyes and holding each other even as it rains all around them. You can be sure that the couple would really savor this experience for a really long time.

The “I will take you home” shot

This is classic wedding photography. This is where the groom picks up the bride at the end of the wedding-related formalities. This is perhaps an expression of how overjoyed he is at having found his lady love. The ladies in these photos are also beaming as they feel loved and treasured as a result of such a gesture from their husband. Overall, the atmosphere is one of fun and enjoyment. You can also add your own touch to it with the help of some colors.

A bit of privacy, please

In some cultures, there is a trend of the bridesmaids gossiping about what happens behind closed doors after the wedding is complete and the groom and the bride are allowed to spend their first night together. So, you can always add to this fun environment and give them a taste of what is to come. For example, you can have them kiss in front of these girls even as they shut their eyes in shame. In fact, you can make things better and adorable by including kids in the mix and making them do the same pose.

The couple swag photos

There are some couples who never like the traditional wedding poses and this is for the simple reason that they find them boring. Well, if you are one for wacky wedding couple poses these are the right candidates for you. They do not give a penny regarding what others may be thinking about them and always value their own opinion. They always want to be themselves and as a photographer, you can capture that mood as well. You can get them to pose in any way you want and come up with some really super cool clicks. For example, you can make them pose like a runaway couple.


A great photo that you can click in this regard is when they catch a few moments with each other before they tie the knot. With these photos, you can capture how they together come to terms with the milestone moment that is marriage. Apart from these, you can also get them to pose in several other ways. You can make them stand in front a board where they provide a lovely status update of their impending marriage, exchange their first vows, dance for the first time as a married couple, or kiss for the first time after marriage.