Causes Of A Late Positive Pregnancy Test

You have missed your period and you feel that everything that is happening in your body is an indication that you might be pregnant. You decide to take a pregnancy test and it turns out to be negative. You wait a few days and take another test which also turns out to be negative. Your period has also not shown up yet. Late positive pregnancy test- why? This is a question that you will ask yourself over and over again. There are explanations as to why your pregnancy test can turn out to be negative when you are actually pregnant and turn out positive way in to the pregnancy.

One of the reasons that can cause you to have a late positive pregnancy test is a home pregnancy test kit. Home pregnancy test kits are not 100 percent accurate. These kits might not show you the correct results when you are pregnant. If you purchase a kit that has already expired, there is a chance that you will get negative results again and again when you are actually pregnant. There are some times when you might interfere with the results or not read the results correctly thus get negative results when you are actually pregnant.

If you miscalculate your period and your cycle, there is a chance that you will start testing for pregnancy too early. Pregnancy tests are supposed to detect the presence of the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone inside your system. The HCG hormone is a hormone that is produced when one gets pregnant. The hormone will start being produced in the body after the fetus has implanted itself on the wall of the uterus. If you test before the implantation, you will get a negative pregnancy test which will later turn out to be negative when the HCG hormone levels become higher.

If there is a problem with your pregnancy, there are chances that the HCG hormone will start being produced in your body at a later date. This will mean that your pregnancy test will read positive later. Women have different bodies that work in different ways. While the bodies of some women might produce HCG very early in the pregnancy, bodies of other women will release the hormone a bit later thus making them get their positive results later in to the pregnancy. Home pregnancy tests are not as sensitive as blood tests that are done at the hospital. They may not detect the HCG early enough and cause you to detect your pregnancy later.