Can I Buy a House Without My Husband?

If you are married you may be asking if you can, “ buy a house without my husband.” You may have better credit than your husband, you may want to make an investment, or you may just want to purchase a home without involving your mate. Whatever your reason, you can buy without involving your spouse. There is equality in wages paid to men and women that did not exist in the recent past. Women generally outlive their husbands. It is becoming more common for women to purchase a home without involving their spouse than it was just a few years ago. There are considerations to make and qualifications to meet just as if you are going to be joint purchasers on a home.

If you reside in a community property state and you inherit the house you can maintain the home as separate property. When the house is given to the woman in a community property state it is considered as her property. Likewise, your state of residence does influence whether or not you can buy a house without your husband signing the mortgage paperwork. If you applied and qualified for a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) your spouse will be required to sign the loan agreement. Your mate will be required to provide a credit history and his score will be a factor in the loan agreement. His income and debt will apply to the terms of the FHA loan.

If your mate has a bad credit history or a bad credit score you may be disqualified from purchasing a house. You can ask the lender to exclude him from the application process if you have good credit and sufficient income to qualify without including his portion of the household income. You can buy a house without your husband if you have excellent credit, little debt, and are making enough income on your own without including your husband’s income in the equation.

Lenders are making it easier for a single person who has no spouse to purchase a home. If a woman is divorced and has alimony and child support as income the child support will be figured in the wage earnings of the single woman. She will be given status as a first time buyer sometimes and this will help her qualify for some types of loans. You can buy a house without your husband because there are lenders who will often allow you to use the credit card payments, the cellular phone bill payments, and other payments you make on time as a credit history that is separate from your spouse.