Business Ideas For Students In University

  1. Blogger

The first business that you can start as a university student is that of blogging. It can offer you some great opportunities for sure. Always focus on a particular topic or niche in this case. Here you would have to work to build up your own audience.

  1. Virtual assistant

You may also start working from home in your free time as a virtual assistant. In this capacity, you can offer services such as social media management and email communications.

  1. Tutor

Since you are already experienced in your domain you can become a tutor and teach students in lower classes. In fact, you can teach other college students as well. You can offer them help on a short term basis like for specific courses as well.

  1. YouTube celebrity

These days, YouTube has become a great platform for running a business. You can make money from ad revenue as well as work with brands as an influencer.

  1. Social media manager

You would need a certain amount of knowledge of social media for this to work. You can help brands whose accounts need to be managed properly.

  1. Social media influencer

You can also establish your social media accounts and then work as an influencer with various brands.

  1. Social media consultant

You can also offer your social media expertise to brands in the role of a consultant. In this capacity, you can offer them suggestions on how they can do their social media work better.

  1. Podcaster

Podcasting is also a great business opportunity that you can easily do from your dorm room or home. You can do it as and when it suits you.

  1. Child caretaker

If you are looking for a business where you do not need much tech this is it. You could easily offer to take care of the children in your immediate community as and when it suits you.

  1. Housesitter

You could also serve as a housesitter for people who are traveling away from the town.

  1. Dog walker

If you prefer spending time with these lovely beings you can take this up as a business as well. In this case, your clients would be the local people who have such dogs.

  1. Pet groomer

You may also start a business where you wash and groom these pets in lieu of a certain fee.

  1. Inventor

You can also invent brand new products and then license them in your name so that you can sell them and make money. In fact, you can be sure you would get plenty of opportunities in this regard.

  1. Graphic designer

In case you have some design skills you may start a business as a graphic designer as well. You can work on logos, branding elements, etc. You can also create other designs for your clients.

  1. Web designer

If you are web savvy you could start a business of designing websites for businesses as well as individual clients.

  1. App developer

In case you have real skills with mobile technology this is one business that you can start as well. You can develop apps for your clients or make them on your own and sell them as well.

  1. Clothes designer

If you have an innate sense of fashion and know what is happening in that world this could be the ideal business opportunity for you. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to start your own clothing line from your dorm or home. You can sell these in local boutiques as well as online stores.

  1. T-shirt designer

If you have some great custom designs you can put them on t-shirts and sell them online as well.

  1. Jewelry maker

If you wish to do something unique this is what you can do. You can sell them online or you may try the local events as well.

  1. Flea market vendor

This is something that you can do at the weekends where you can sell various products.

  1. Farmers’ market vendor

If you grow your own food you can always sell the excess produce at these markets during the weekends.

  1. Soap maker

You can easily make soaps at your home or dorm and sell them online or at events such as craft fairs.

  1. Candle maker

You can also make scented candles on your own and sell them just like you would sell soaps and such stuff.

  1. Vintage clothing seller

If you have lots of vintage clothes that you would like to sell you could always become a seller of vintage clothes. You could easily set up your own online shop from where you can sell these. In fact, you can also look up the likes of flea markets and resale shops for opportunities to market your ware.

  1. Writing e-books

If you have the skills and the vision needed to write a book you could do so and self-publish it on platforms such as Amazon.

  1. Ecommerce reseller

You can also set up your eCommerce store on platforms such as eBay and Amazon and sell various items.

  1. Event photographer

You can use your free time to click photos at events like weddings and conferences, to name a few. You can easily do this during the weekends.

  1. Portrait photographer

You could also offer portrait photography services and offer packages such as family photos and portraits of senior members of a family.

  1. Recycling service provider

This is an eco-friendly business as any. In this case, you can offer to pick up certain items from houses and take them to your nearest recycling facility.

  1. Bookseller

As a college student, you would often have plenty of books with you. Maybe, a lot more than what you need. In this case, you could start a mini business of sorts by selling these books online and perhaps open your own shop one day as well.

  1. Transportation service provider

You could also start a business of providing transportation to fellow students who do not have a proper way of transportation.