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How To Become An Instagram Influencer

Instagram has given an opportunity to many people to showcase their talents. Influencers on Instagram are the ones behind online marketing and they are making a career out of promoting commodities. From cosmetics to clothing and even tech. You want to know who Instagram influencers are here is the broad definition.

What is an Instagram Influencer?

Have you ever heard of Instagram influencers? What about, when you think of Instagram influencers, what comes in your mind? Well, Instagram influencers are just like content creators but on Instagram. These Instagram influencers create communities across a specific topic or niche. Instagram being a rich platform, you will need a most visually vibrant content for you to perform well.

Mostly, these content creators/ influencers focus more on travel, photography, food, fashion, beauty, celebrities displaying their daily life on Instagram, lifestyle or fitness. Also, you should have close to 1000 and beyond followers. Also, influencers with eye-catching photos are mostly followed, the same case to the ones with genuine and honest pictures are loved and appreciated by their fans. For you to become an Instagram influencer, you need to consider several processes. I will outline them for you.


Who are the top Instagram Influencers?

The top influencers on Instagram are usually different from the rest. But this depends on the market.

  • Fitness

Take an example; Massy Arias has her own empire. She is a nutrition and fitness expert. Massy encourages her followers on Instagram about her postpartum journey by sharing her before as well as after photos.

  • Fashion

Look at Camila Coelho, who is a Brazilian Instagram influencer. Her job is to provide her six million followers with video tutorials on different ways to recreate celebrity looks. Camila has also a Nightlife collection with Sigma cosmetics.

  • Travel

A perfect example here would be Chris Burkard. He concentrates on breathtaking landscapes and scenery. Also, Nataly Osmann and her partner began by showcasing their passion for travel photography. They have 4 million followers on Instagram who chart their adventures all over the world through their Instagram feed.

  • Beauty

Instagram influencer and vlogger Chrisspy has a very distinctive personality. She mixes up special makeup effects sweet waters. She did a selfie how-to-video which gained her 6.2 million Instagram followers who wanted to know how perfect their posting game.

How do I become an Instagram Influencer?

Here are a few steps on how to become an Instagram influencer.

  • Step 1: Pick up a niche

The first thing you need is to choose a topic you are so passionate and knowledgeable about it. It should be a topic you are connected to if you want to perform better. Also, your niche can be a combination of various issues that relate; in short, they should not be complicating each other. Your combinations can be something like travel and food, beauty and fashion or healthy eating and fitness.

Be careful also. You don’t pick a topic because it is trending. Create a following based on what thrills you. Because, it will be simpler for you to come up with magical ideas, link up with people who share the same passion with you and expound more on complex topics.

  • Step 2: Create your hashtags

As you prepare to become a social media influencer, it is significant that you become familiar with the worst and best hashtags to use in your topic. Using hashtags will make the content you will be posting searchable, hence exposing your content to the new followers searching using the hashtags.

  • Step 3: Hone your unique bio

The most vital thing is to make your account stand out by all means. Meaning when your fans click on your bio they are impressed and even recommend you to their friends. Take your time and think about what will be included in your bio. Again, your bio should introduce your account and exclusively display your story.

An example would be; Mary Jane, an influencer plus size modeler, mental health ambassador. Yes, something of this sort.

  • Step 4: Publish your bio

Consistency is the only secret to success, and the same will apply to you as an Instagram influencer. As a result, quality and unique content get more exposure on the internet and in social media. However, remember that you have to publish your content at its fixed time.

Take an example; you will find people seated waiting to watch a program that airs at 10 pm, why? Because that is what fans and followers do, they will be waiting for your regular posts.

  • Step 5: Interact with followers

Do not forget to engage your followers this time you are working to become an Instagram influencer. Posting every day is vital, but most importantly is to interact with people who are impressed with your content. That way, you will be expanding your brand and making your followers feel valued. Ensure you are commenting as well as liking the comments left on your account.

  • Step 6: Join a social media network

You can join a different social media network to earn extra cash. By this, you will promote their campaigns or even get hampers. Mostly, the brands will notice you and approach you through your hashtags.

  • Step 7: Make use of your Instagram stories

Millions of Instagram users use Instagram stories each day. Making it the best to not only increase your visibility but also to attract followers. The best with Instagram stories is that even people who are not following you will see your content.

  • Step 8: Apply and open up a business account

Well, you don’t need to have a business account to become a social media influencer. But all the same, it is an essential tool that will make you know who your audience is and how often they use Instagram.

Mostly, a business account on Instagram will show you some the following;

  • Email clicks.
  • Website clicks.
  • Profile visits.
  • The number of posts you publish in a week.
  • The total number of impressions your account got.
  • The number of accounts reached.
  • The specific time your fans are always online.

A business account also will give you a view of your followers’ demographics, especially when you want to collaborate brand.

  • Step 9: Be consistent with posts

Building up creative content is only the beginning. The real deal is ensuring you are compatible with posting your content. You can follow the other steps religiously but if you are not posting regularly your account stagnate.

For instance, make sure you post thrice in a week at least. Through this, your account will remain exciting and fresh to your followers. Also, the best way to step up your game on Instagram make sure you post your content at a particular time. Be keen and understand when the majority of your followers are online and post that time.

  • Step 11: Never buy followers

It may be tempting but do not buy followers. Well, this may increase your followers, but it will not expand your organic traffic. Paid sponsorships and brand collaborations come in handy as a result of engagement and organic traffic your account is getting. Although it takes time to grow your account organically, when it comes to financial growth on Instagram, natural increase is the best thing.

  • Step 12: Tag brands

One of the privileges of being an Instagram influencer is acquiring PR packages, free products, or paid sponsors from brands. Again you need to understand; you can get brands even with less than a thousand followers.

Usually, brands can only be acquired if you tag them in the photos you post on Instagram. The best thing is, some brands can even share and post your pictures in their accounts hence increasing your visibility.

What do influencers charge per post?

Paying influencers is determined by various factors; for example, the number of followers you have. If you have 10,000- 50,-000 followers, you will be considered as a micro-influencer, and you are valuable.

An influencer with over 1 million followers will charge $10,000 per post, although it depends on the platform. Some charge $100,000-$250,000 per post. But for this case, if the influencer is on YouTube, they can charge this high.