Avocado Is Ripe

How to Tell If an Avocado Is Ripe

You close your eyes, visualize that favorite meal of yours served together with an avocado and you can’t help but salivate. Just a couple of days ago, you bought some unripe avocados and hope for them to be ripe just in time for the girls to get together at your house during the weekend. You’ve got it all figured out. The kind of food you will prepare, the choice of music, the wine, and whatnot.

You can’t help but fantasize of what a great evening it will be. After all, all your girlfriends are avocado aficionados. To this small knit group of glam women you adorably refer to as BFF’s, a meal cannot be complete without a tasty avocado in the mix. You are a perfectionist. You love to get everything right and creating unforgettable experiences.

Come and see weekend, just as everything is going on fine, the unthinkable happens! You can see the horror registered on your friends’ faces. The look of disappointment is evident. Your friends just cut into the avocados you’ve been nurturing and boom – they are unripe! What an anticlimax! You are disappointed, you can feel the anger building up inside you. You can’t imagine the perfect meal you’ve prepared without an avocado. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

What can you do? Well, unless there is a shop nearby that sells avocados, there is nothing much you can do. Your goose is cooked. The only option is to go ahead with your evening without your cherished avocados. How do you ensure this situation doesn’t repeat itself in the near future?

How do you tell if an avocado is ripe and nip in the bud such an awful experience? Is there a foolproof way in which you can tell beforehand whether your avocado is ripe or not? Of course, there are various ways in which you can tell if an avocado is ripe or not. However, before we get into the meat and potatoes of it, let’s first shift our focus on how you can pick the best fresh avocados.

How to Pick Fresh Avocados

We all want our avocados fresh, right? I mean, who wants to buy an overripe or stale avocado for a meal? No one, right? Don’t be misled. Avocados do not ripen on the trees. The ripening process starts after they have been harvested. Picking fresh avocados is an eternal struggle for many. This especially rings true for individuals who recently joined the avocado aficionado bandwagon. With that said, how do you pick fresh avocados?

The first step entails checking the outer skin color of the avocados. When looking at a group of avocados, it can be a tad difficult telling the fresh ones from the ones which are not. However, when faced with this dilemma, you need to check the outer skin color of the avocados for those whose skin color appears to be darker than the others. The idea here is that those with a darker outer skin color tend to be riper than their counterpart fresh avocados whose outer skin color is relatively lighter. Also, be on the lookout for any indentations of the avocados’ outer skin as this is a sign that the avocado might have been bruised.

The second step entails you taking an avocado and gently placing it in the palm of your hands. Once it is in the palm of your hands, the next step or thing to do is to gently squeeze it without applying immense pressure with your fingertips. The reason behind this is because doing so might lead to bruises of sorts or indentations. You don’t want a situation whereby your immense squeeze reduces the lifespan of the avocado.

Of course, after this is done, the next logical course of action is determining whether an avocado is ripe, almost ripe, or not ripe.

  • Unripe

An avocado is considered unripe if it does not yield to gentle pressure. In this regard, a firm avocado is an unripe avocado. Ordinarily, firm avocados tend to be bright green in color and are perfect for buying if you intend to consume them 4 to 7 days down the line.

  • Almost Ripe

As regards almost ripe avocados, color alone isn’t enough. You need to utilize both the color and feel. The reason behind this is that almost ripe avocados vary in color and as such relying solely on color can be misleading when choosing fresh ones. While almost ripe avocados might be relatively soft, they more often than not fail to yield to firm gentle pressure. Inadvertently, when you cut up an almost-ripe avocado, the inner flesh is hard and the seed is a tad difficult to remove.

  • Ripe

A ripe avocado means a “ready to eat” avocado. When you apply gentle pressure to a ripe avocado, it will yield to slight squeeze/pressure applied. When you cut it up, the inner flesh is soft and dark yellow in color.

Now that we’ve shed light on how to choose fresh avocados, you are probably curious on how you can tell a ripe from an unripe avocado. No doubt, the above info has given you an idea and you might feel as if you have everything you need to discern a ripe from an unripe avocado. To some extent, that might be the case. However, there are other ways in which you can tell if an avocado is ripe or not.

How to Tell If an Avocado Is Ripe

You’ve tried the color, feel, and squeeze method but you are still unsure whether the avocado you are holding in your hand is ripe or not. If that’s the case, try the following.

  1. Gently peel off the cap of your avocado. A cap is what forms at the point where your favorite fruit meets the stem of the avocado tree. Once you’ve peeled the cap and the color underneath is either yellow or green, the avocado in question is considered ripe and ready to be consumed.
  2. If the cap of the avocado comes off with some difficulty, it’s an indication that the avocado in question is not ripe and should be preserved for a couple more days before it ripens.
  3. If the color underneath the cap is brownish, it means that there is a high probability that the avocado is brownish inside and hence an indication that it’s over-ripe.

There you have it! Simple, right? Well, the simplicity, in this case, is relative. What we can all agree on is that cutting up an avocado and finding out that it’s the right level of ripe is therapeutic. With all the above tips, you no longer have to deal with disappointments every time you serve your favorite fruit with a meal of your choice. Make those meal moments memorable with a perfectly ripe avocado! You no longer have an excuse for cutting up an unripe avocado!