Are Late Fees on Mortgage Payments Tax Deductable?

Under certain circumstances, home equity is deductible in the tax or is tax deductible. What is interest in this sense? Interest is the deduction if ever one is paying the whole amount of interest. This is legally binded and if the one who is responsible for the loan acts on this before its due you will get your interest at low rates than you would expect. Another good thing about this is that you can deduct the one which you paid for the interest in another category of the payment scheme.

What are the basic requirements to deduct you from the mortgage?

There are three basic requirements of IRS that one must meet for his or her interest to be deducted in his or her mortgage. The following includes:

  • Be responsible for the loans you are having and be responsible in the payment scheme, pay all your obligations so that it would not add up to all your payment burdens in the long run
  • The loan of the home should also be a debt which is secured this can be any of the following: the one which is your property or another second property
  • Another consideration is that the property should not be rented or used as commercial buildings or for any business purposes, it is not also allowed to use any room as an office or make-shift commercial space
  • The last and most important requirement is that you are filing for a 1040 with the written deductions on it

The loan that you have should be of a fair value to everyone in the market, fair or if not should be lesser. There are also certain considerations to meet and certain provisions for the military people and the minister. Even if your property is non- taxed you can still deduct herein the mortgage interest. On the other hand you can still deduct the advance payments you had for your selling or for your refinancing. If ever you are late in your payment, fees can also be written with details.

Before deductions, you may check the guidelines of IRS just to be sure you are guided by their requirements. There are changes in the tax laws so it is advisable that you check the IRS once in a while. The best thing to do when you are in trouble is that you contact your lender for their assistance. They will surely help you have your house back.