Align Your Values

How To Align Your Values With Your Actions

Our values, to some extent, detect our actions, or rather what we engage in our day to day activities. Moreover, our values drive us to make the choices and decisions we make. Therefore, to articulate or understand your values, you must know what you consider relevant to you.

Values are like our compass. If you do not know what they are, it will be hard to choose which direction to take. What are your values? Do they rhyme with your actions? If they are not, what are you doing to align your values with your actions?

It is essential to note that not all the values you possess will bring happiness, fulfillment, or even the meaning you have always hoped to get. Thus to understand what values bring importance in your life is essential. The following process will explain how to reconstruct your values so that they can match your actions.

How to reconstruct your values

Most importantly, you need to ask yourself several questions to figure out what values make you satisfied. First, what do you decide to do with your life? Let’s say, for example, you choose activities such as spiritual, cultural, or athletic activities. Identifying these activities is the initial step in finding or identifying which values are congruent with what you decide to do with your life.

Second, what activities you have passion for and bring you true happiness when you participate in them? This is the perfect clue you have to enabling you to align your values with actions. Third, what experiences, activities, as well as people, make you feel intensely connected with? This absorption is only possible when your actions and values are one.

Well, having thought and answered the above questions, the next step is to dig underneath the surface of those experiences, activities, and people. Through that, you will identify the values that match them.

How to live your values

You may think, the reconstruction of values may look easy. Well, finding identifying the values is not a hard thing. The real problem is learning to hold your cherished values and live a life that syncs with the values. Maybe your current life is giving you dissatisfaction, or unhappiness, but in some way, you feel comfortable because you are used to that kind of life. And also, your actions and values are immensely ingrained.

It is imperative to ensure your current values that you chose to reflect your day-to-day activities and in line with something you have always wanted to achieve.

The next big step you need to take is to rank your values, whereby the first one is the key. Additionally, focus more on each word and find out what echoes with what you want the most. You will find that some values will feel more compelling to you naturally.

What tips can help you fully embrace your values?

First, write down the definition of every value. It will help you crystallize what the value means to you. Integrity, for example, means following your ethical convictions or morals. Integrity makes you do the right things all the time, in all circumstances. Moreover, having integrity as your cherished value means, you are true to yourself, and would not do anything that dishonors or demeans you. Keeping up your promises, even when extra force is needed is a way to prove your integrity.

Second, list down your values it maybe words only, or the word plus their definition on a piece of paper. You may place the piece of paper somewhere you will see daily. It may be on your work desk or dressing mirror. Third, and this happens to be my favorite. Take time to think about what you do most of your time. With that done, cross-check with the listed down values and see if they align. Mostly, it is a revealing exercise to most people.

Doing your activities per the newly clarified or identified values will mean doing away with beliefs, values, and the culture you are used to in the past. However unhappy you may be feeling now, the prospect of transformation, as well as the instability and uncertainty that comes along with it, can be downright terrifying if not intimidating.

How to consistently align what you want in life with your actions

First off, fulfillment is an intellectual idea which is also hard to measure. Satisfaction gives you a feeling that the activities you do create an authentic impression to others and to yourself too. Moreover, it makes you light up.

Majority of people seek fulfillment, and hence they work to identify their values. Unfortunately, very few find the satisfaction, because they do not know how to go about it. Nonetheless, some have many responsibilities such that they cannot find time to reflect.

The moment you realize the goals you want to achieve, you will merge your passion with your values. The vital thing is to seek the ‘why.’ When you are committed to finding the ‘why,’ you will devote time to soul-search, but, if you find it hard to act, it means you are not passionate to see the ‘why.’


Overall, it gets to a point, though, you must inform yourself that the current life you are living in not accepted anymore. Therefore you decide it is time for a change. The moment you commit yourself, aligning your actions with your values will be more accessible. It seems easy because, at that moment, you will have exerted a new and motivating force and begun the process of change.

Again this will be easier because doing your activities in line with your values is self-rewarding. And finally, experiences and participating in activities and also being with persons that are up to speed with your newly found values will bring, balance, happiness, and freedom.