9 Weeks Pregnant Belly – Symptoms – Ultrasound – What to Expect

When you are 9 weeks pregnant all the necessary nerves and organs will have appeared, and their development will be seen in the coming weeks.  All the muscles will have appeared as well and you will have a fetus now; not just a fertilized egg.  The eyes of your baby will start developing at this point and the irises will appear although nothing much about their color will have developed. The irises will get color towards the end of the pregnancy. The internal ears will have developed and the fluid will have already developed as well. The kidneys of your baby will start to function as well as the pancreas and the gall bladder. The reproductive organs will have developed but the boys’ testes will not yet be visible from the outside of the body. The baby’s head will develop some roundness and the embryonic tail will start to disappear at this stage. The tongue will appear and the digestive system will evolve and become much better this week. He will start to look like a human being this week as the facial features become more defined.

The breast appearance in your body will change as they become full and tender. The nipples will become fuller and the area around the nipples will become darker. This is the point where you can no longer hide that you are pregnant and you will start gaining more and more weight at this point. You need to invest in good clothes and good shoes as you will have a lot of weight pressing on your back. You may lose your libido at this point, not necessarily because of the physical aspects of being pregnant but rather the psychological aspect of it. Most pregnant women do not like the way they look when they are pregnant and will lose their libido at this point. They will have to deal with mood swings and some depression as well as some tiredness at the same time; not to mention nausea that comes with morning sickness. You will find yourself crying over the smallest of things and this can be attributed to the change in the hormone levels in your body.

You will have to deal with a lot of gas at this point as well. This is not bound to harm your health no matter how gassy you are but you know how embracing it can be to pass gas in front of people. It is also very uncomfortable. Eat well to deal with constipation, which is also one of the things you will have to deal with at this point in the pregnancy. Eat a lot of fiber as well. Take plant and animal proteins for the supply of calcium and proteins at the same time. You need to exercise and get enough of sleep as well. Drink a lot of water and check your weight every week. Avoid stress when you are pregnant as this is one of the most crucial stages of pregnancy and you need to reduce the chances of having a miscarriage.