8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, What to Expect and Belly Pictures

Your baby’s brain development is at its peak when you are 8 weeks pregnant and it is bigger than the rest of the body at the moment. All the major regions of the brain have already developed at his point and any ultrasound will reveal all the nerves of the brain at the moment. The heart is also developing very fast and while it has been there for some weeks, it had not yet split into the several different chambers of the heart. When it splits into the four chambers the heartbeat of the child increases.

The arms of the baby start to develop as well although nothing much is developing at the moment. The legs are tiny little paddles as well. He will start developing ears, and in the coming months the inside ears will continue developing. The reproductive organs of the baby will start developing although also nothing much will have been achieved at the end of this week. The intestines will develop inside the umbilical cord of the mother and later on migrate into the abdominal cavity of the baby. You should be taking care of your self at this moment, knowing very well that each pregnancy will be different from the preceding one, just as much as babies are different from one another. You will go through different prenatal tests during this time, which will determine many things regarding the pregnancy.  Your clothes will cease to fit you at this point so you need to wear loose-fitting clothes for your pregnancy belly. You may have started sporting a little belly although some people may mistake it for something else at the moment.

Take care of yourself by eating small and frequent meals rather than wolfing down three large meals a day. Take time to look at the quality of foods you are eating as this will affect the health of your baby. “Eating for two” is a fad as far as quantity goes as you cannot justify overeating with the fact that you are pregnant. You may have to increase the calories you are taking per day because of your pregnancy but that’s just as far as you will be able to go when you are a pregnant woman. Avoid high-fat foods and reduce your intake of salt. Even as you need to reduce your intake of salt, it is not necessarily because you are pregnant; this should be a lifestyle rather than a choice you have to make because you are pregnant.

Your breasts will feel tender and may feel a little larger than normal, so you may want to wear a good supportive maternity bra for a while. Remember to rest much of the time and exercise as much as possible. Do not overdo your exercises as this may mean a lot more problems for you. Make sure you have taken your supplements; both iron and vitamin supplements should be taken for your body so as to supply the baby with the nutrient he needs. You typically cannot provide all that is needed by the foods you eat.