7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – Ultrasound – What to Expect – Belly Pictures

Your baby-or whatever you want to call it is a little bit more than a centimeter in length and is quickly changing in size and weight. You will notice a lot of changes in your baby and your body this week. The usual morning sickness and mood swings will still be there, and you can expect this to go on for most of the first trimester of pregnancy.  You may gain weight or lose weight from your body at this moment, so do not worry when you lose weight when you are pregnant. Women who were overweight at the time of conception may not notice as much as those women who were underweight. Still, underweight women may also not notice much weight loss when they are in their 7th week of pregnancy. You will spend most of this week dealing with morning sickness and the cravings you will be feeling for some foods and some weird combinations of recipes. You may have to fight some smells and feelings of tiredness as well. You will suddenly hate some foods and love others and the morning sickness will not necessarily come in the morning. You will feel queasy and out of your skin when you eat some foods or smells some scents and so forth. When you have extreme morning sickness, you will not gain much weight when you are 7 weeks pregnant and in the coming weeks. The cravings for some foods may lead to some women gaining a lot of weight in the coming weeks; more than they expected.

Because of the increase in progesterone, you will have a lot of acne. Women who already have acne will have worse acne and this can be dealt with by washing your face several times a day and moisturizing it. Take care of your skin but avoid any pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical creams unless they have been recommended by your doctor. Since this is the most crucial stage of the development of your baby, any entry of chemicals into your body may harm your baby’s health. You will experience some indigestion at this time as well and this will come with constipation. This is also partly to do with hormones and is also exacerbated by the kinds of food that you eat. Deal with it by taking a lot of water and eating a lot of fiber. You will have headaches and dizziness and tiredness at this time as well. Improve your intake of iron and most nutrients to maintain the health of you and your baby.

You may suffer from migraines or light headaches. In case you are suffering from the former; you need to deal with this by calling the attention of your doctor. Anytime you feel that your body is not okay, get the attention of your doctor as soon as possible. Your cervix will have the mucus plug at the seventh week of pregnancy. This plug will seal the birth canal until the time when you are ready to give birth to your baby. You may also experience some spotting which may or may not be serious but you need to get the attention of your doctor anyway.