6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, What to Expect and Belly

This will be one of the first times you will be visiting your doctor and he will be measuring the length of your baby when you are 6 weeks pregnant. He should be able to tell you how far along you are and if there are potential problems with the fetus that needs to be dealt with. The baby will be growing very fast in the weeks and months to come. Women who have problems with their reproductive health will be at the most crucial moments in their pregnancy at this time since most miscarriages take place during this time. You will have some abdominal bloating at this time and this is normal. However, when it is accompanied by any pain you should seek the attention of your doctor.

You will notice some weight increase around your waistline as your shape starts to change. You may not notice this if you are pregnant and overweight at the same time. Speaking of being overweight, you need to be careful to always maintain a healthy weight so that you are not in danger of losing your baby during the pregnancy. You also want to avoid dealing with complications like diabetes and heart disease when carrying your baby. It is important to eat well and maintain a healthy weight when you are pregnant and this is not the time to indulge in a lot of food in the name of eating for two but rather the time to carefully monitor the quality of food you are eating when you are pregnant with your baby. Ensure that the quantity has only increased by 300 calories per day.

No one is exempted from exercise and given that you have only gained a little weight at this point, you should be able to maintain the healthy lifestyle you have been used to before you become pregnant.

You should notice some vaginal discharge in the 6th week and this will carry on all through the pregnancy. The consistency should change once in a while but the color should not change and if it does you need to alert your doctors to this. You will notice that you have some mood swings as well; this is a variable that may or may not change for some women but it should not worry you as it is only the imbalance of hormones in your body that is causing it. Your hormones will go back to normal at the end of the pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting could be part and parcel of your life at the moment, so you need not worry about it too much as well as it will disappear at the end of the first trimester if you are among the many fortunate ones. Constipation will also be part and parcel of this point of pregnancy, and so will the need to urinate most of the time. This is because your bladder will be pressured by the increasing size of the uterus and therefore there will be little space for it to carry urine.