5 Weeks Pregant Symptoms, Belly Pictures and Ultrasound

No one passes this mark without knowing that they are pregnant. A lot of changes will have happened in your life and the hormonal changes in your body that are typical of a pregnant woman will have already taken place when you are 5 weeks pregnant. Anyhow, you should know that you are pregnant at this point.

Pregnancy can be exciting and fun in the first few weeks (because of course, you love the idea of bringing a new baby into the world). However, this is not always the case when you are past the first week as you now have to deal with tiredness, morning sickness, and sudden mood swings. You wonder why some things taste bad and you are suddenly craving some foods that you would have never laid your hands on before.  You wonder why you don’t “glow” as it has been said. The glow of pregnancy will come in the second trimester, so you can hold on for a few months for that. Anyhow, you will still feel all these symptoms for some time so you can hold on tight.

Implantation has taken place and even as this is the fifth week you are not carrying a fetus yet. The lining of the uterus is getting cushier for your fetus and a lot of blood supply is going into the uterus. Take time to eat well and take iron supplements for the supply of blood into your system. You will have tender breasts and you will feel a lot more tired now. You will still continue getting tired as the weeks go by so take this in stride. You have not gained any weight and your baby is not even an inch in length.  The weight of the fetus is negligible at this moment. This is a crucial part of the pregnancy and the baby’s health will be insured by what you eat and drink. It will also be insured by the activity you participate in and your general state of health. You are still considerably light for a pregnant woman and you will have to exercise at this stage of the pregnancy, even as the hormones are making you feel tired. You will have a much faster heartbeat, which calls for an increase in physical activity. Your belly will not have shown yet, so hold your horses. You will need 300 calories more than you have been eating as you are now eating for two; which means quality has to be mentioned at the same time. Your baby will be taking his nutrients from your body so you need to ensure that your body is well supplied with all the nutrients that are needed for the survival of the baby. Keep away from firsthand or second-hand smoke. Smoking is known to be related to some developmental disorders of children. Do not drink either since this is also associated with fetal alcohol symptoms that will cause the baby to be born underweight. Do not forget your iron, calcium and vitamin supplements.