39 Weeks Pregnant – Preparing to Welcome Your Baby

So you are almost ready, 39 weeks pregnant and the signs of pregnancy clearly visible. This is a time when you can’t stop thinking about names for your baby. You are worrying day and night whether everything is in order when your baby finally arrives. Although this is a stressful period for you just take it easy and relax, everything will fall into place when it finally happens.

The most important things to remember or do when you are 39 weeks pregnant are:

  • Your hospital kit is packed and ready
  • The baby kit is ready
  • You have someone to take you to the hospital when the moment finally arrives
  • You have completed your birth plan

These are the last few weeks before you bring a new life into this world so take care of yourself and stick to a healthy diet, don’t be tensed the miracle of birth is the most wonderful thing is this world.