39 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect – Discharge – No Sign of Labor

Your baby is ripe and ready to go when you are 39 weeks pregnant. He is a full grown baby with an immune system that no longer needs your immune system. He does not have to rely on your system anymore and could come out to live an independent life. She can breathe on her own and has a fully developed cardiovascular system and has also developed all his necessary organs for life.

For those women who have opted for caesarean section delivery, you should by now know when your baby will be arriving home. Those who are still waiting for their natural birth to come, it is all a matter of chance as only nature will tell you when you are ready to give birth. You need to watch out for labor symptoms. Keep in mind that some of the symptoms of labor may be false alarms. Either way, you should be ready for delivery on any date. Be ready physically and psychologically. Have a delivery bag at hand, with a change of clothes and some for your baby. You will need all the help you can get so if your partner is there and willing to help you, you are good to go. Anxiety will not help you with much so ensure that you are as calm as possible. You may be clumsy and all tired at the 39th week but your heart will be racing much faster because of all that is happening around you.  Have friends and family on call to aid you when you feel that the moment has come. All in all, do not be caught unawares by the symptoms of labor.

You will be breathing heavily and still experiencing constipation as well as shortness of breath. Eat small meals and drink a lot of water to help manage this. Foods that contain a lot of fiber will help you a lot at this point in time.  Your feet are still swollen from the pressure of the weight of the pregnancy. Your face may still have edema and so will your hands. Take time to relax, don’t be overtaken by anxiety.

Dilation may have already occurred, meaning that you are almost getting there. You will feel some hiccups of your baby when he or she breathes in the womb. He will be trying out his lungs and breathing system, so you need not worry about this. Learn how to time contractions so that you will know if they are false alarms or not. When you are having contractions, you will have some pain, which will get intense as they happen in succession, with the previous being closer than the next and so forth.  You are not be having contractions if  they are not painful and are not happening in succession.  If you feel you are having contractions then it is time to go to hospital. Your baby should be about 7 pounds at the moment and is about 20 inches in length from head to toe.