38 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect – Signs of Labor – Cramps

When you are 38 weeks pregnant, you are almost there; just two weeks to go to your expected delivery date if you haven’t already given birth. You will give birth at any moment now, so don’t think the two weeks is an assurance that you will stay a whole two weeks carrying the baby. It’s good news because you are obviously very tired carrying the little one in your womb and you can barely see your feet. You are very clumsy and you are also very large and way past enjoying your pregnancy. If this is your first time you are more worried about the experience of giving birth. You may want to weigh your options with your OB and plan what you want for the birth. Think about looking for the support of friends and loved ones in the room with you when you will be giving birth.

Anyhow, you suddenly have some little more energy thanks to the excitement and anxiety of the last few days so you may want to arrange your nursery and so forth. Some women will still be experiencing morning sickness even during this time and being 38 weeks pregnant is surely a consolation for someone who has had a very rough time during her pregnancy.  You will be visiting your OB every few weeks and you should get the advice from him or her on what to watch out as you may give birth at any moment, anywhere and at anytime. You may want to go to hospital and spend the last few weeks in hospitals but this is only the case when you are afraid that your cervix is too loose. This should be at the recommendation of the OB but when you have a healthy pregnancy with no issues you should not have a problem with getting yourself into a hospital. You can just wait for your waters to break when you are at home.

Your cervix should have dilated in preparation for the birth and this is what the OB will be checking out for when you visit him. Depending on your dilation you may or may not be advised to stay close to the hospital. When it is dilated past a certain point your baby should be ready to pop out at any moment. Your baby already has meconium in his intestines; the black substance that looks like poop in his system. This will be removed from his body in the first few days of his life. The brain nerve function of the baby is working much better now. Your baby is much heavier than before and is weighing 6.2 pounds and is 20 inches on average from head to toe. Your mood swings should come and go but you should expect a lot of anxiety and depression at this time- don’t let it get to you though. You should weigh your options for the birth, if you want a water birth, natural birth, caesarian section and optional cesarean section and so forth. Talk to your OB to tell you the advantages of all of these before and after giving birth.