37 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect – Signs of Labor – Cramping – Ultrasound

You have packed the pounds when you are 37 weeks pregnant, just as your baby has also packed on the pounds. You are at the biggest you have eve been in your pregnancy and you may not be able to see your feet. Anyhow, don’t worry, as you are not the only woman going through the same thing. You are not the only one carrying a full grown baby in their womb. The baby is mature and ready to leave the womb and anytime he may do so. Your feet are extra swollen- it is always advisable to get flat shoes that are comfortable and those that are a little larger than your normal size to make space for the expanding feet.

You may have depression and mood swings as your hormones move up and down during your last days of pregnancy. This is natural; except when it is too much and prevents you from living your day to day life. Your feet, fingers and face may be swollen but you can take care of these by taking a lot of rest and not sitting or standing for too long at the same time. Keep your feet up when seated as well.

When you sleep, lie on your side and support your body by using pillows. You will be very tired and your weight will have increased a lot over the last few weeks. You should expect a few more pounds to your body weight since your baby will grow much larger for the next few weeks that you will be pregnant.

Deal with the depression by living day by day. Usually, women are scared of becoming mothers and are afraid of their performances are depressed, anxious and afraid of giving birth. Some are scared of the pain that comes with giving birth, especially first time mothers.  Dealing with depression involves being positive about whatever you have to face. Talk to women who have been there before you or those who are experiencing the same thing as you. Keep up with the signs of labor, which may come in at any moment. Do not self medicate as this may trigger labor or may harm your baby.

Check your vaginal discharge. Anytime you visit your OB you will have an internal exam that will check the dilation of the cervix and its softness, which will determine if you are about to give birth or not. Then again, this is not absolute. When you have discharge that is spotted with blood, you may have to go back to the OB and get medical treatment again. Do not self medicate now or ever, and use pharmaceutical medication only when it has been prescribed.

Your baby will not increase much in weight or height from this point onwards, although you can expect a little more change in your body weight in response to the pregnancy.  Take time to prepare for the coming of the baby, choose names, buy clothes etc.