33 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development – What to Expect – Symptoms

Your baby is 4 pounds in weight, and 17 inches in length from head to toe. You are getting more and more tired and you can barely see your swollen toes. You are getting larger and larger as well. Your baby can be born at anytime now, but if he is born in this week it will be rather early, although this will not compromise the health of the baby. He is getting chubbier as a lot more fat is deposited under his wrinkly skin. This is the reason babies will have the cute dimples on his body. He will gain a lot more fat as the days go by and this will account for most of his birth weight when you are 33 weeks pregnant. Did you know that a baby is 15% fat at the time of his birth? This is a known fact.

At his stage the skeleton of the baby is hardening and he is getting stronger and heavier as well. He is being prepared for life outside the womb. His lungs are mature and your baby will be practicing his breathing lessons in the coming weeks. He has developed most of the senses and he will react to light now that he can move his head from side to side. If you cast a flashlight on the belly of a pregnant woman, you will notice that the baby will move accordingly and face the light.

As the uterus expands more, your bladder will feel the pressure of the weight of the baby and this will cause you to pee more often than before. This will be exacerbated if you drink a lot of fluids. At this stage, women will be depressed, which is normal except when it goes too far. It comes about as a result of the anxiety of a woman who is bringing a new life into the world. They will be depressed about their new role as mother. Others will fear the pain of labor. This is also brought about by the increase and decrease in the hormone levels of pregnancy. You will feel less and less in control as the days go by; but do not worry.

You will still need to eat well and exercise when you have reached this stage of pregnancy, unless of course you have been told expressly not to exercise. Special cases of women who have loose cervixes and other problems of their reproductive organs will cause them to be told not to exercise and in this case exercise is not recommended. Either way you need to maintain a healthy weight by eating well. Eat the recommended calories and ensure that you have the right supplements, especially iron and vitamin supplements. Do not take any pharmaceutical medication unless you have been told to do so by a doctor and it has been prescribed to you for a certain condition.

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  1. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and had a cerclage placed at 19 weeks. Hve been having loose bowel for 3 days now nd it makes me soo weak. The more I drink water, the more I visit the loo. I hope this won’t affect the stitch down there?

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