32 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain – Ultrasound – Fetal Development – Symptoms

You are carrying about a 4 pound baby in your body and you have increased in size as well. You are 32 weeks pregnant and one month before giving birth; give or take a few days. Your baby is 3.75 pounds in weight and he is getting chubbier by the day. This should be the reason he is increasing a lot of weight. He is 16.7 inches from head to toe and can be born. He will still have a high chance of living if he is born at this stage.

He has toenails, fingernails, and hair, all of which can be seen through any scan. He will still increase the fat underneath his skin as the days go by, so you can expect to still increase in weight even during the last months. Your blood volume will have increased to take care of the needs of your growing baby. You will still need a lot of blood, so your intake of iron should not be stopped. You will need your iron supplements and your iron foods like liver and other red meats for this purpose.

You will be at the height of heartburn and if you haven’t reduced your meal portions then this is the time to reduce it. You will not be eating until you are full every time you sit down to have dinner for obvious reasons.  The reason for heartburn is that your uterus will be pushing up against your stomach and some of the food you will have eaten will go back into the esophagus causing you to have heartburn. You will have shortness of breast because the uterus will also be pushing up against you diaphragm. This will be uncomfortable but will last about a month or so before you are ready to give birth. The back pain you will have at this moment will be more than before because of the weight that your spinal cord has to deal with now. This is not hard to deal with as you can wear comfortable shoes and spend less time on your feet. So as to exacerbate any other problems you may have, you will have to prop your legs up when seated to reduce the pressure your feet will have. Sleep on your side to prevent any pressure on your back and any discomfort on your body. Use pillows to support your head and belly. For heartburn, your head needs to be higher than the rest of your body to prevent acid from coming up to your esophagus. Back to your sleeping posture, you will need to have some pillows in between your legs as well so as to keep your body at the same level while reducing pressure on your back. With regard to back pain, not all women have back pain when they are pregnant and when it happens at this stage of the pregnancy you need to consult your doctor as this could mean preterm labor.