30 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect – Fetal Development – Weight Gain – Ultrasound

Your baby is 15.7 inches and 3 pounds in weight when you are 30 weeks pregnant. He has a higher chance of survival if he is born today, but generally speaking he is not yet ready to be born. His eyesight is still developing and will not be perfect until just the time when he is ready to be born. Even then you will notice that a newborn’s eyes will not be ready for light until after a few weeks or so. A newborn is not able to see very far when it is born.

You may have trouble sleeping thanks to heartburn and constipation as well as the pressure that is being exerted on your back bone. When dealing with the latter, you need to sleep well. Do not sleep on your back as this will place undue pressure on your back and it will be very uncomfortable. You should sleep on your side but with pillows to support your belly. You will also need some pillows between your legs when sleeping.

You should be more relaxed at this point so you need to eat smaller meals several times a day for the purpose of reducing the chances of heartburn. Your legs will need a lot more relaxation and given the fact that they may grow larger, you need good shoes to cushion your weight and that of the growing baby inside of you.

You may also notice that you are clumsier than before. Activities that you used to do with ease before are now hard for you to perform. Do not push yourself because this is natural because carrying a baby involves a lot of changes in the hormones of your body. Your bones will be more relaxed and weaker than before because of these changes so you will not have the energy to do as much. This is also part of the reason you cannot afford to exercise vigorously at this point in the pregnancy. You still need the exercise though, although not much for your baby. Thanks to the hormonal changes you will also experience mood swings and depression. The latter is most common in women who are almost ready to give birth. This is brought about by the natural anxiety of becoming a parent and the fear of how good you will be at it and so forth.

Women fear the pain of labor too and this is one of the causes of depression. To reduce depression, you need to participate in more activities for the reduction of stress; take walks and interact with pregnant women and so forth. Sharing your fears will welcome some encouragement from many people and this will do well for you. Forget about anything that will bring you undue stress. Eat well and take your supplements. You will still need your iron supplements and you will need to eat foods that are full of iron, like red meat and organ meats. Take a lot of water and ensure your intake of vitamin c has been upped as well to improve the immunity of your baby.