3 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms – What to Expect – Ultrasound – Belly

The average point at which most women learn that they are pregnant is when they are 3 weeks pregnant.   Interestingly, some women will not know that they are pregnant until they are way into the pregnancy or when the symptoms can no longer be said to be anything else. When you are three weeks pregnant, implantation has taken place and your baby is just a mass of cells that are quickly splitting up; later they will have implanted themselves into the cushy lining of the uterus. You will be advised to quit bad habits like smoking and drinking as this is the most crucial stage of the pregnancy. Smoking and drinking may lead to birth defects in the child. Problems like low birth weight will be exacerbated by smoking and drinking. Then again there is the low immunity level in a child who has been born to a mother who was smoking and drinking. Fetal alcohol syndrome is characteristic of a child whose mother drank alcohol when she was pregnant. Make sure that you quit caffeine as well since it also has negative effects on the child.

You will no longer have your period but you will notice some spotting; which is normal. Do not be alarmed unless the spotting is too much and happens regularly. You will suddenly feel a lot more tired than before thanks to the change in the hormones in your body. Your breasts may also feel a lot achier than before. This can also be attributed to the change in the hormones that happen to accommodate the pregnancy.  Some women will have mood swings and for the rest of the pregnancy, you will always feel like peeing most of the time. This is rather interesting at this moment since you do not have an enlarged uterus that will be pressing your bladder. Do not worry about this as you will go back to normal afterward.

One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy that will go on up to the end of the first trimester is morning sickness; which can also be said to be because of the hormone levels changes. While morning sickness could be because of anything else, any feeling of queasiness in the morning that goes on for days on end is surely a sign of pregnancy. For some women, this will go on for the rest of the pregnancy and they may not have the pregnancy “glow” because of this.

You can still exercise vigorously, and actually, you need to exercise vigorously as it will not be any danger to the baby. Unless you have been told in express terms to quit exercising for one reasons or the other, there is no reason to stop exercising.

You will need a lot of vitamin c intake and proteins as well as iron and calcium. You have to get a nutritionist to calculate the intake you need for you depending on your needs and general lifestyle. Calcium comes from animal products and iron mainly comes from organ meats and other red meats.