29 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect – Fetal Movement – Weight Gain – Ultrasound

By the time you are 29 weeks pregnant, you are way into the second trimester and almost into the third trimester. Your baby is almost weighing his birth weight at 2.5 pounds and is 15 inches from head to toe. He is getting larger and larger as the days go by and chubbier, thanks to the fat that is being deposited under his wrinkly skin. He is more active and while this may keep you up at night, you have the consolation that you are carrying a healthy baby.

Not so many women are enjoying their pregnancy at this moment since it comes with a lot of heartburn thanks to the fact that the uterus is expanding upwards and downwards at the same time. It struggles for space with other organs of the body and when you eat a lot of food it may cause some of it to come back through the esophagus and cause you some heartburn. To deal with this, do not eat a lot of food in one sitting. Because of the smaller capacity of your stomach, you have to eat a little at a time, especially when you are about to go to sleep. Also, keep away from the foods that will make you have a lot of acidities. These include spices and so forth. Sleep when your head is elevated from the rest of your body to take advantage of gravity. When you have heartburn, counter it with antacid medication (which will have to be Okayed by your doctor first) or some foods that are natural antacids, like milk.

The muscles and the lungs of the baby are maturing at this stage and the brain is in the last stage of its maturity. The head may grow a little bigger in the few weeks that are remaining before you give birth. You will get more tired at this stage and you will find exercise punishing but you will still need it. However, you will need the advice of the doctor on what to perform and what not to perform. You will need a lot of vitamin c, folic acid, and iron for the baby. Calcium and iron can be gotten from foods and supplements. Red meat is the best source of these supplements and milk is one of the best sources of calcium. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as these are the best sources of vitamin c. Drink a lot of water and reduce your intake of caffeine as this will make you anxious and tired. These will help in improving the immunity of the child. Find out what amount will be best for you depending on your status of health, weight and the needs of your child now that you are pregnant.

You will also find yourself dealing with constipation, which is managed by drinking a lot of water and improving your fiber intake. Any carbs you are taking should be high fiber, which will improve digestion and reduce the chances of being constipated.