28 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect – Ultrasound – Belly – Weight Gain

You are growing larger and larger, and you have finally hit the third trimester when you are 28 weeks pregnant. Your body has changed a lot; you are much larger than before. You do not have a waistline; whatever may have remained has totally disappeared. You are tired and wondering when you are ever going to give birth. Women with loose cervixes are usually told to rest most of the time and restrict their movements as any sudden movement could lead to labor. It is common knowledge that the baby has a higher chance of survival and good health when it is born at nine months, so such women should be careful about their movement.

By now, you should have been tested for gestational diabetes; especially if you have blood relations who suffer from diabetes. You should have changed your diet accordingly too. Your baby’s eyelids have developed completely and the eye color has developed too. You should be able to guess the eye color depending on the eye colors of the people in your family. The skin of the baby is no longer wrinkly as some fat has been deposited under the skin. He is more chubby and heavier as he is 2 to 3 pounds in weight. He is moving about all the time and can respond to your voice. Anytime you are agitated or anxious you will notice the change in the movements of the baby.

There are a lot of factors that could lead to premature labor, which could happen anytime from now. One of them is the loose cervix and some others include sicknesses like gestational diabetes and so forth. Knowing how to manage any situation you may have is very important and that is why it is important to always visit a doctor who will check out your health. One of the rules of pregnancy includes that of taking medications, which means that you cannot take just any other medication you feel is right for you, even if you are sure it will work for you. Any pharmaceutical drug you use has to be Okayed by your doctor even for the slightest of conditions. This is because of the chances of these drugs harming the health of your baby, even in the third trimester.

You will have gained a lot of weight at this point, which means you need to take care of how you dress, walk, sleep, eat and exercise. Do not stand or sit for too long as this will exacerbate any edema you may have. Be active, but then again do not take this too far as this may cause premature labor for some women. Keep in mind that you can only exercise as much as your body will let you do not do anything that will make you feel dizzy and tired all the time. You need to take supplements as well, especially iron supplements because at this point you need all the iron you can get. Most women are more likely to become anemic at this point in their pregnancy, hence the need for iron supplements.