27 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect, Weight Gain, Belly and Ultrasound

You are in the last week of your second trimester…or almost. You could have labor from this point on (assuming you haven’t already given birth to a premature baby) anyhow. You need to be aware of the symptoms of labor when you are 27 weeks pregnant. This may come in the form of pain or the breaking of your water. When this happens, you need to get medical attention immediately. It need not matter to you that you have some symptoms that seem to be labor. Anything that gets your attention needs to get some professional attention as well.

For some women, you may still be feeling the symptoms of early pregnancy; the tiredness and morning sickness.  You will be tired most of the time in the 27th week since you are heavier than ever before but you need to get prepared since you will get even heavier in the weeks to come. The immune system of your baby is maturing and the brain tissue and the minute neurons are developing at a very high rate. You have a baby that has a very high chance of survival if it is born at this stage. It is not quite two pounds in weight and is 14.5 inches from head to toe.  The fun times of pregnancy will almost be over since you will have gained a considerable amount of weight at this point. You will always feel tired so you need to cut back on some of the exercise. Still, you cannot completely cut back on exercises as they will help you when you have labor.

You will still have gas; and perhaps lot of it. This is normal, but you do know the antisocial aspect of passing gas whenever you are walking and so forth. You may also have to deal with constipation and this may go on up until the final week of giving birth. You may have some skin eruptions as well, which should not surprise you as this is perfectly normal when you are pregnant. You need to get professional attention if you think it is becoming too much.

If you have too much vaginal discharge or it is very itchy or sticky, it may be the sign of a yeast infection. Some women will regularly have a lot more discharge than others, so it may or may not be normal for you. Still, you need to get checked out if you suspect that you have a yeast infection.  You should never treat yourself when you have any health problems when you are pregnant as this may bring about other sorts of problems with the health of your baby later on. Over the counter medications are totally out of the question when you are at this stage of your pregnancy.

Since you are more tired, exercise should be much slower and contained as there are many problems that could come about by having vigorous exercises at this point of your pregnancy. Always get the advice of your doctor when you want to exercise during pregnancy, especially at this point.