26 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect, Weight Gain, Belly and Ultrasound

Your baby’s lungs will have developed by this week and the little alveoli of the baby’s lungs will have completely developed. He will be able to breathe in the case that he or she is born at this point. He is heavier now and many of the features of the skin and the upper part of the body have developed. The retinas of the eyes of the baby have also developed and as the weeks progress he is more and more likely to survive if he is born. His eyes do not yet have color, but I suppose it will not be that important to know the color of the eyes of your baby until it is actually born and placed in your arms. Either way, for the few who want to know, you will not be able to know the color of the eyes of your baby-at least not now.

You baby is heavier; he is about 1.5 pounds in weight and is halfway through his development in your womb. You will notice that you are always tired, this is obviously because of the increased weight and the pressure it places on your body. You will have a lot of edema, which will manifest itself on your feet, fingers and even face. You will look like someone just pumped a lot of water into your face, feet and legs.

You still need your flat comfortable shoes for your expanding feet when you are 26 weeks pregnant. You will have to sit down and prop your feet up just so that you can get some rest and prevent your feet from getting larger. You will still have gas, which is totally normal. Some women will be constipated until the time they give birth, which is also normal. You will also notice some vaginal discharge, which is a lot at this stage of the pregnancy. It is not a problem to have discharge, except when the discharge is itchy or too thick. This may be a case of yeast infection but you must get a confirmation first before concluding that you have yeast infection. You may have treated yeast infection before by using over the counter medication, but this is never the time to use this kind of medication. When you are pregnant, any medication you take must be Okayed by your gynecologist as you do not only have your health to think of-you have to think of the health of your little one.

You may also have some temporary incontinence at this point of your pregnancy. In other words, you will feel some pee come out when you laugh out loud, or when someone startles you and so forth. This is also normal, and comes from the pressure the baby is exerting on the bladder. This should clear out when you finally give birth to your baby. Take time to exercise, but do not pressure your body too much as this will lead to more problems. Women with loose cervixes should not exercise too much.