24 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain – Baby Movement – What to Expect

For the last week, your baby has gained some weight and he is more than a pound the moment. He is at least 12 inches in length from head to toe. His skin is a little wrinkly but this will be filled up by some fat in the coming weeks. At his point, some of the fat will be filling his wrinkly skin and he will be gaining some figure. His brain has developed a lot and he is also developing some parts of his lungs that had not developed in the weeks before this. His skin is still translucent, but this will change in the coming weeks.

You have the figure of a pregnant woman at this point and this is the time you will be enjoying your pregnancy immensely. You are at the peak of your pregnancy glow when you are 24 weeks pregnant, which most women will experience in their pregnancy. Your pregnant belly should be the size of a soccer ball, which will be more obvious in women who were underweight before they became pregnant. Women who were overweight will not show much changes in their weight when they get pregnant with their children. You need to get tested for gestational diabetes, which occurs during this stage of pregnancy for some women. Women who are diabetic are at a high risk of developing this condition, and so are women who are generically predisposed to getting diabetes. Women who are not diabetic risk the chances of getting gestational diabetes when they do not eat well; and if they were pre-diabetic before the pregnancy. Having this condition may mean that you may need to have a caesarian section delivery since the baby may grow too large. In essence, you need to know what you are facing before it is too late as this may also lead to the loss of a pregnancy. Babies born of mothers with gestational diabetes risk having low blood sugar levels as well and this may cause other complications of health in the future.

You will be about three months away from labor and you need to take care of your health more than ever. You will be gaining more weight as the months pass; at least several pounds more as the average baby is born at six pounds or so. You may also give birth prematurely, which is mostly going to be the case as most women will give birth before 36 weeks are over. Sometimes, the doctor may induce labor before the due date because of the chances of complications. Sometimes you run the risk of your cervix dilating or water breaking before time and this will call for a preterm baby. Some of these options are dependent on the mother, so you can choose to have a preterm birth but you need to discuss this with your doctor before getting into it. Keep up the exercises and good diet at this point as well, as it will go a long way in helping you regain your healthy weight after giving birth.