23 Weeks Pregnant Baby Movement, Weight Gain and What to Expect

The movement of your baby will be more pronounced now. He can move about and even when you move you will notice him moving to the tune of your movement. If there is some music in the background, you may notice his movements in your uterus. He has grown much larger and longer. He is also a lot heavier than before and he is developing the blood vessels in his lungs and so forth. He is much more familiar to your world and he may not react to some stimuli, for example he will not react to the sound of the television or a door knock anymore. He will react to new sounds though. He will notice your voice and will react to shouting.

Your feet may swell further and for some women the ankles will swell much more as they progress into their pregnancy. This will be brought about by the lack of blood circulation in the feet. At the same time, you may notice some water retention, which is also the case when you have swollen feet. Invest in some flat, comfortable shoes to relieve the pressure from your feet. The swelling of the feet is called edema, which may also be the case with your fingers. You will sweat a lot when you are pregnant and dealing with edema as well.

The pressure on your spinal cord when you are 23 weeks pregnant will be much more at this time so you need to relieve it by lying on your side and ensuring your movements are much more restrained these days. To relieve the pressure on your legs, sit while propping your legs up and avoid sitting and standing for long periods of time. Take brief walks for the sake of exercise; but for the sake of your baby, do not push it too hard. Exercising will improve the circulation in your hands and feet. You may also want to drink a lot of water for this purpose as well, since this will help prevent fluid retention. When you feel your swelling is too much, you may have to consult your doctor for advice. Some of the swelling may go to your eyes and face; the latter two being accompanied by some puffiness.

You will also feel tired most of the time. Even as you feel tired, a little exercise will help you with your sleep. Try to take a walk for half an hour everyday and you will notice the difference. This will also reduce varicose veins. At this moment, you have gained a considerable amount of weight and you will feel off balance most of the time. Do not worry-enough rest and getting good shoes will help with this. At this point, you will be able to know if your child has some developmental problems or not. Eating well when pregnant should not be compromised, ensure you have enough supply of iron for your child as this will enable your child to develop enough blood for his sustenance. Eat a lot of vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables as well.