21 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain – Belly – What to Expect – Fetal Movement

At the moment you have a baby that is 10 inches long. This does not sound like much, especially because of the weight you have gained in your body. You are likely feeling especially tired; and your legs will most probably have swollen and you are advised to sit when keep your legs up to reduce this swelling. Because of the pressure the baby is exerting on your spinal cord, you are should sleep with pillows under side as this will help reduce the pressure. Keep a pillow between your legs when you sleep on the side.

You will feel as if your baby has had a shot of steroids as he will be moving about most of the time in reaction to stimuli. Having already developed her ability to hear, you can be sure that she will react to any noise when you are 21 weeks pregnant. Anything that startles you will startle the baby as well.

Your baby will have already developed all her reproductive systems and the same case if he is a boy. The small features of her body, like the eyebrows will already have developed at this point. You will not be very big as you are just past halfway past your pregnancy. The discomforts that you felt at the beginning o the pregnancy are gone, except if you are one of the unfortunate ones.

Women who are using medication for the management of some disease will need to consult with their gynecologists for advice. Folic acid is taken by many women who are pregnant with their babies and who are dependent on medication most of the time. As usual, do not self medicate as this could mean a lot of health problems for you and your baby.

You will be feeling good and relaxed and this is the part where you are enjoying your pregnancy. The second trimester is the best part of pregnancy for most women as you have a tummy that is shaped just right and you no longer have problems that you had when you were in your first trimester. You may experience some acne thanks to increased oil production in your body and for those who traditionally have had acne it may mean a worse case of acne on their skin. You need to take care of your acne as naturally as possible, ensuring that you do not make use of products that could harm your skin or the health of your baby.

Make sure that you exercise-this cannot be emphasized enough. Women who exercise will have an easier time at the point of delivery compared to women who do not. The same is the case for women who are overweight at the time of their pregnancy. Take a lot of iron supplements and foods, although the former should be in consultation with your regular doctor. Many women also experience varicose veins. Exercising is one way of reducing varicose veins; as well as propping your feet up when you sit down.